Monday, May 12, 2014

It's a Done Deal!

Well this is another exciting Day!!  The agent for our buyer sent us the contract via digital signature around 6 AM and we were able to do all the signing to finalize the contract on our computer!  We live in quite an interesting time!  So, our house is officially sold.  The buyer also agreed to moving the settlement date to June 27 to give us a little more time to get everything packed, have a garage sale, take things to an antique auction, etc. We are thrilled to have some additional time and not feel under so much pressure.  After all, we have some camping to do before moving!

We went to the hospitality social after breakfast for hot tea and Amish donuts.  Then we walked around the Vendor Expo where Ken purchased an Escapees hat.  We went with Cindy and John to Wal-Mart to get a few items, had lunch, and then headed to the Expo Center for the 1st Timers Welcome. After that they had the Opening Ceremonies with 2 door prizes of $500.00 cash each.  Unfortunately none of us were the winners!  Then it was the ice cream social followed by Happy Hour with free wine and beer with corn chips and chili.  Boy, this is a tough life!

There are lots of rigs at this Rally - about 600 we were told!

The Elkhart County Fairgrounds is quite the place - huge!!!

Part of the fairgrounds!

We rode in John and Cindy's new jeep to Wal-Mart

After Opening Ceremonies all of us were treated to ice cream!
What a line up for a Popsicle!

At the Happy Hour we met up with Wallace and Wanda, a couple we had met in Florida this past fall, who are the Assistant Directors of this whole Escapade.  They introduced us to the Directors, Bob and Molly Pinner.  What fun loving, quality people.  The 2 couples will be leading a trip to the Rose Bowl Parade on Jan. 1, 2015.  They really encouraged the 4 of us to join them. Both Cindy and I have the Rose Bowl Parade on our "Bucket List", but I am not sure that is the right year for us to go there.  We know we would have such a good time with them.

A Fun Happy Hour!

So nice to be here with my sister and her husband!

This is Wanda and Molly on the "dance floor"!

Ken has been following the blog of Chris and Cherie for many
years and was so happy to meet them!

Back to Waldo to get ready for the evening festivities including a time for more door prizes and then a concert by "Johnny Counterfeit", who does many impersonations from Vince Gill to Frank Sinatra!  What an entertaining, very talented gentleman.  We really enjoyed his humor and his singing ability.  The 3 guys in the band were good too!

Johnny Counterfeit and his band..  They have sung many places including
TV and the White House.  

A Large Crowd of Escapees!

We went to Harvey to play Skip-Bo and the women won "big time"!  It has been a funfilled, beautiful day with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 80's.  Tomorrow the classes begin at 8:30!  I thought RVers don't begin that early!  We should learn lots of good information at the many classes offered throughout the Rally.

Nice to share a camping experience with John and Cindy
in "Harvey"!  Their "Virgin Voyage"!


  1. Yes! You go girls! (Doloris)

  2. Glad you are enjoying your time there. Tell Wallace and Wanda hi for us.

  3. Welcome to Elkhart County! I ran into your blog awhile back and read it from time to time. My husband and I live south of Goshen and would love to retire in the next few years and travel in an RV as well. Blogs like yours make it more enticing than ever!

    I'm sorry the Goshen weather today isn't sunny and warm. There are many good bike and walking trails around here that would be great for you to enjoy, as well as the Amish tourist attractions in the Middlebury and Shipshewana area.

    1. Sorry, meant to include my name! :)
      Trish Miller