Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Sorting and Packing Has Begun!

Amazing how much you can accomplish in a short time when you put your mind to it!  I am going to give you a week's worth of blogging in this one blog!

Friday evening our youngest daughter, Jamie, invited Ken and I to there house for dinner.  Bria (7) and Cali (5) joined the Ephrata Swim Team this spring for their summer season.  It is amazing, considering that at the being of last summer they didn't put their heads under water and were a bit upset when someone splashed them!  Now they are little "guppies" swimming anywhere from 8 to 12 laps in one practice and they go 4 or 5 times per week.  They love it.  We went to see them that evening and were so impressed!  Then we spent till 11:30 that evening just visiting with Jamie and her family!  Great fun!

Saturday morning was a packing, sorting day followed by an afternoon spent with Fred and Doloris at a wine tasting day at a local Renaissance Fair.  What a fun time!  Then to dinner at a local eatery enjoying being on their deck. They came to our house following dinner to play some cards.  

After Church on Sunday the packing continued and we set-up addition items for our garage sale.  Monday was much of the same including going through all of our Christmas decorations.  I found that rather challenging.  I had made many of our decorations and gotten many from friends.  But, we only have so much room and purging was a necessity!

On Tuesday, Nancy Savage, a special friend, fellow camper and full-timer, came for about 4 hours to help me price all of the things we had in the garage for our upcoming garage sale on June 13 and 14.  What a job!  It was so kind of her to take the time to help me.  I was so grateful!

That evening I went back through numerous things that I had already packed to go to the apartment.  I realized I had to narrow down the items even more, especially my craft things!  We want this and we are excited, but it can be a painful process!!  It is also a tiring one both physically, mentally, and emotionally!  But it will be sooooo worth it!!!!

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