Saturday, May 17, 2014

Homeward Bound!

How do you like the new layout of my blog?  I spent time last evening using some of the information I learned at the Escapade improving my blog.  It was fun!

We left the Escapade and the Elkton County Fairgrounds at 6:45 this morning.  It was cloudy and rather cool when we pulled out!  The 1st 8 miles were on back roads with many beautiful Amish farms.  So many horses and colts along the way.  Both of us wished we could have stayed another 3 or more days in the Goshen area to tour some of the RV factories and visit the local farmer's markets, etc.  But we have plenty to do back home to get ready to move by June 27th.  

So, we decided we would try to get the whole way home today, a 600 mile trip.  We went through several rain showers, a couple downpours, and even some hail on the way home, but none of it lasted very long.  By the time we entered PA we had mostly sunshine!  The trip went well and we only stopped 2 times.  We arrived home at 6 PM to warmer weather, very long grass, and a sold sign in the front yard.  I unloaded most things and put them away while Ken mowed the yard. 

2 of our neighbors came by to talk and get the details on where we would be moving and when.  I guess we were the talk of the neighborhood while we were gone!

I hope we will be able to sleep tonight!  It might be way toooo quiet without the fast moving trains with the howling whistles.  We will just have to adjust!


  1. Glad you had safe travels! That must have been a bit strange when you pulled up…knowing all the wonderful changes! Wow…what blessings you are receiving! Remember my bracelet, "Thoughts become things…choose the good ones"! You must be doing it right!

  2. P.S. Liking the new blog! Maybe you could help me? Of course I would have to write a blog first!