Sunday, May 11, 2014

Life is Good!

Wow, a lot has happened since we left Akron and started heading to the Escapade in Goshen IN.  Ken and I made the trip with my sister, Cindy, and her husband John.  They have had their new Motorhome for less than 2 weeks and going with us on this adventure!  They also bought a new Jeep and got that all hooked up for towing before we left.  So, we left our tow vehicle at home!

We drove 400 miles on Saturday with only 1 stop - imagine that!  Around noon, Wendy called to tell us that she scheduled some showings for our property, one at 3 that afternoon, plus several others for Sunday and Monday. Ken jokingly said - I would like a full price offer, no inspections, and a cash deal.  Wendy's reply was "Right, just like every other seller"! We arrived at the CG in Milan Ohio around 4, got into or pull through sites, and did just the necessary set-up for a 1 night stay.  After dinner, the 4 of us got together in Waldo to chat.  Soon after that, Wendy called with good news - the 1st person that toured our property signed a contract to purchase it.  Wow!  The real shock was yet to be had - what the offer was that the prospective buyer made!  It was an above list price offer with no mortgage needed (a cash deal), NO inspections, and a settlement date of June 6th.  We could not believe it - this was a dream come true! Wendy said it was just what you asked for!!!  No debating on this offer!  Just sign quickly!  The buyer, a young gentleman who is getting married in October also asked if we would be interested in selling any of our furniture, outdoor "stuff", etc! Are you kidding????  We need to get rid of so much of this "stuff".  Another dream come true!  We play Up the River before calling it a night!

Today, Sunday, we did not get to finalize the deal!  The buyer did not want to do business on a Sunday, and we were fine with that!  We know he is committed to buying the property with his unbelievable offer, so we enjoyed our day here at the Rally.  All the activities really only begin midday tomorrow, so we tried to relax and enjoy some free time.   We got together with Cindy and John to cook our dinner and eat together at Harvey (their RV). Then we came to Waldo to play Skip-Bo.  We didn't get to finish the game (probably a good thing cause the guys were winning!) because it started to storm and they were predicting some major rain and wind.  Escapees sent us an e-mail telling us where to take shelter if a tornado hits the area - Wow! Fortunately, we didn't get the severe weather, only lots of rain.

It is a bit tough to get a good night's sleep at our site.  No one is behind us and it appeared to be a great site when we pulled in.  Just like so many CG's, we were surprised when a train flew by right behind Waldo!  The tracks are no more than 40 feet from us and trains go by all the time both day and night! We think there must be about 6 per hour!  Waldo actually does a "little dance"!  It is crazy!

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