Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday - Trip to Lazydays!

Chuck and Melissa left around 7:45 to get their motorhome and take it to a nearby garage to have it aligned and then weighed at a local Pilot.  Ken and I left at 8:45 to go to Lazydays to talk to Samantha and also get additional "stuff" we will need for our trip to St. Augustine!  When we arrived here, we had no idea we would stay this long and leave directly from here to meet Rick and Joyce in St. Augustine!  Plans change!!!

Our 1 1/2 hour trip to Lazydays went well because there was light traffic on I-75 - hallelujah!  When we arrived Samantha was unavailable, but they told us where we could find Wilbur so we could start putting things in the car to take back with us.  After about 15 minutes Samantha contacted us and we went to her office.  We really appreciate her "being on our side" whenever we have issues and all the hard work she does on our behalf!  Ken and I think we are all on the same page on most of our issues but again, I guess time will tell.  We are still waiting for our warranty company to approve the needed repairs, but we are getting closer!

Ken and I drove to Costco in the Tampa area to return a bathing suit I had bought and to have their hot dog lunch.  It was crazy busy!  We were back to Chuck and Melissa's around 2:45 after getting lost and going round and round in The Villages!  It is a huge place!!!!  

After some chatting, we drove to one of the rec centers where they have permanent corn hole games and the men beat us all 3 games.  The last one was very close! 

Permanent corn hole - what
don't they offer at The Villages???

 Then we moved to the bocce courts where the men were victorious again.  What is going on?????  But, even though we lost, we had so much fun!

Amazing bocce courts!

As we left the courts, Ken got some photos of the sunset -

Melissa had made delicious chili for dinner and after eating it was time for games.  We finished Mexican Train and when we added the men and women's scores, Melissa and I were the winners - YES!  Then it was time for 2 games of Pinochle which the women won and then a new game for Ken and me - Qwixx.  Lots of fun and the women won!

Another fun day with Chuck and Melissa!

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