Saturday, February 1, 2014

Very Busy Day on Pine Island!

Ken and I were up early and got ready to go to the craft show here in the campground!  We were at the clubhouse by 7:45 and began the set-up process.  It had poured during the night and was cloudy when we got up, but no rain today - yes!!!!  We actually had sunshine around noon and it was warm and humid - 80.  We were outside for the show and even though the crowd was small, we did fine!  Bria, our oldest granddaughter, had sent 20 elastic bracelets with me to sell at my jewelry stand.  She was so excited to be a crafter and business person.  We sold 12 of the 20 so we sent her an e-mail with a photo of her display and her total sales.

A nice day for a Craft Show on Pine Island!
More gas money for Waldo!!!

After the craft show, loading all our "stuff", and finding a "spot" for it when we returned to Waldo, we had lunch.  Both of us felt extremely tired.  We changed and at 2:00, Melissa and Chuck arrived for us to join them for a walk.  (We had made plans to do that ahead of time)  So, we left to get our 10,000 steps and we accomplished our goal.  I must say that we were tired again when we returned.  We showered, cleaned up, and I made a salad with all the "fixin's" to take to dinner at Betsy and Coy's.  Regina and Paul had arrived last evening and we thought it would be nice to make supper for them.  We were able to eat outside and that felt so nice!  Today was Coy and Betsy's 50th wedding anniversary, so a toast was in order.  What a milestone!

This is Betsy and Coy on their 50th wedding anniversary!

Enjoying Happy Hour before dinner!

After dinner, they all came to see Waldo and have dessert!  Waldo got "high marks" from all of them.  Thought we made a very good choice and decision.
They left at 9 and Ken and I spent time on our computers!

The 6 of us sitting inside Waldo!  We are loving our
new "Home"!
This was another wonderful day in Paradise where we are Celebrating Life Daily!!

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