Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Busy But Fun Weekend!

On Saturday, we both took a walk, but Ken had left earlier than me.  We left at 9:30 to get our "tuned up" bikes on our way to get Samantha and Katelyn. They were excited to see us and have a sleepover with PaPa and Grandma.

1st stop was Samantha's school playground that she thought we just had to see! It is a very nice place and the girls had a good time playing.  After unloading the car when we got to our apartment, the 4 of us walked to downtown Lititz for a pizza lunch.  Then off to Wilbur Chocolate to sample those delicious Wilbur Buds.  We did limit it  to 2 pieces each, but we purchased a special treat for each of the girls - a Rice Krispie Treat covered in chocolate and on a stick!

Katelyn eating her treat from Wilbur!

From there we went to the Lititz Springs Park to enjoy the play areas and feed the ducks.  We were there for about 1 1/2 hours and just loved watching Samantha and Katelyn play together.  Of course, Katelyn wants to do everything Sam does and she almost always accomplishes that goal.  She has no idea that she is 2 years younger!

Time to feed the duck, but because of the beautiful day
and all the folks that were at the park, the ducks weren't
very hungry.  They were well fed today!

I think you are supposed to be in the train and not on the train!

This was a new trick for the girls.  Samantha had done it
1st and of course Katelyn had to try!
You did it Samantha!

They enjoy sitting on the lion that is in the park!

We walked back to the apartment and the girls did so well playing together.  We went to Target so they could choose a toy.  After dinner at home, we had some ice cream sundaes complete with whipped cream.  They had brought the movie, "Madagascar" so we all enjoyed it together.  They were in bed by 9 and went right to sleep.

Sunday the 4 of us were up by 6:30 and the girls watched a short movie while we got ready for church and made the girls special breakfast - pancakes and fresh fruit.  Samantha and Katelyn liked their Sunday School classes.

After church we went to Jamie's house so the cousins could play and we could sip on tea.  We left around 11, stopped by the apartment for our camera, and drove to Masonic Homes where our daughters and their families met us and we had lunch with my father and mother to celebrate Dad's Birthday.  Masonic Homes has a room that seats 16 that you can rent and then they allow you to pick a meal off their menu for a small fee.  We also took a birthday cake.  It was a nice arrangement!

The "Birthday Boy"!

Jamie and Dane

Lanie and Bob

Happy Samantha!

Cali is getting ready to show us her
muscles from swimming!

Oh no, what are we going to order for lunch?

You should try the grilled cheese!

Bria is getting so grown up and tall!

Time to make a wish!

It was a gorgeous day so we did a little walking outside and then all of us left by 2:30.  Cindy's whole family had visited yesterday with cake and ice cream and both Mom and Dad were rather tired from all the excitement.

There is our side of the Althouse clan, minus the
photographer, Ken!

Ken and I went for a walk when we got back to Lititz, had a light dinner and then went to our Small Life Group from 6:30 to 9.  It is a great support group.

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