Monday, April 4, 2016

A Rainy, Cold, Day!

Ken was up early and read in the LR.  I had stayed up until midnight, so I was a late sleeper today - 8:15.  Wow!  It was raining and only in the 30's.  It rained off and on all day and stayed in the 40's.  Where is that nice Florida weather???

We enjoyed some flax pancakes with lots of delicious fresh fruit for breakfast and then both of us did some work at our desks.  We left at 11:10 and Ken drove me to ladies card club at Kathy's house in Ephrata.  So good to be with these ladies again.  I only get to 2 or 3 of the 8 card clubs per year and I am so thankful they still include me. We have a lot of fun playing double deck Pinochle. We used to play Monday evenings, but since most of us are retired and getting "older" playing during the day is better.  So we meet at 11:30 and finish around 3:15 after having dessert, tea, and coffee.  This group has been playing cards together for 30+ years.  Wow!

Ken picked up our finished tax forms at the accountant and then enjoyed lunch with Kevin.  They always have a good time when they get together.  He went back home after their lunch and then returned to Ephrata to pick me up when our card club ended.  

Ken had a short night, so he read and took a long nap.  I did some card making and my mojo was working!  We had leftovers for dinner and then Ken left at 6:30 for his Celebrate Recovery meeting!

Doloris called to ask how my father was doing!  She is a faithful reader of our blog and I so appreciate her interest and concern for our family.  Fred and she are special friends!  I did talk to mom and they started dad on a strong antibiotic today for he has another case of cellulitis.  He has no energy and just wants to rest.  But, he did go to breakfast and lunch and had a session in his room with PT learning more about his new motorized chair.  He just got this brand new chair on Wednesday and after taking many measurements, it was made specifically for him. He has to have a week or two of training before they allow him to have it all the time.  Dad said it has so many gadgets and buttons that it is definitely necessary to have training.  

I also talked with Noela.  Tonight they are camping in Roanoke Rapids and 1st thing tomorrow morning a gentleman is coming to their CG to winterize their 5th wheel.  Then they are planning to arrive at the Hampton Inn near Pine Grove, PA for a night's stay.  So, we are hoping to either meet them tomorrow evening for dinner or on Wednesday for lunch.  She will keep in touch.  We are excited to have the opportunity to see them again.

I worked on the girls camping books while watching The Voice.  Unfortunately my digital program, Scrapbook Factory, which I have used for years, is not working properly and is so frustrating.  Ever time I am ready to save a page it tells me I don't have enough memory and all my work is lost.  I need to come up with a different way to scrapbook.

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