Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Monday and Tuesday Were Gorgeous Days!

Both Monday and Tuesday were exceptional days with cool temperatures in the morning but plenty of sunshine and then afternoon temperatures in the 70's. Just perfect days to be outside enjoying all the beautiful of Spring!

After a long walk, we had lunch on our deck and then I shopped at Michaels and AC Moore Craft Stores while Ken picked up some groceries at Costco.

When we returned home we made delicious salads for dinner and prepped food for dinner tomorrow evening when Cindy and John will be here.  Ken went to Celebrate Recovery and I watched "The Voice" while working on some cards.

Tuesday's weather was a repeat of Monday so after breakfast, making a camping reservation in Arizona for November when Dane is doing his Ironman Competition, we took a long walk.  When we got back we enjoyed lunch on the deck.

I talked to Melissa today and they are extremely busy in Nashville but enjoying their time with her mother.  We had a nice long chat - so good to talk to her again.  I also talked with Noela to discuss a few more details about our trip to the southwest US in Sept., Oct., and November.  They are planning to join us around the middle of October in Utah.  We will keep them posted as we do more finalizing of our plans.  Enjoyed hearing her voice again and the excitement of them having a grandson born early this morning.

Cindy and John were here to visit, have dinner and then play Up the River and Pinochle.  They arrived around 4:30 and left about 10:30.  It was a fun evening. We realized we hadn't seen each other since camping at Winter Quarters Manatee in Bradenton, FL and that was the middle of March!  So good to be together.

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