Monday, April 11, 2016

Crazy Weather in PA!

I thought it is about time I "catch up" on what has been happening the last 4 days!  Let's just say it has been COLD and we even had snow!  What is that about?

Friday was a fairly uneventful day that consisted of a long walk, a trip to Costco, and a walk around Central Market in downtown Lancaster.  We hadn't been to that market "forever" and it really is a special place with lots of organic foods and meats and just a down right fun experience!  Ken spent time at his desk working on a plan for our trip to and from Florida, leaving here on April 30th and hopefully taking about 3 weeks to get back home.  Usually we are in a rush to get to Florida and return to Lititz, so this will be a fun trip!  We spent the remainder of the day at home "doing our thing" and enjoying!

Saturday we woke to a temperature of 34 degrees and heavy snow falling.  It was beautiful but who expects a snowstorm in April?  We did some cleaning and preparation for card club at our house this evening and went to Masonic Homes to play Pinochle with my parents.  There were some flurries when we left and we had about 3" on the ground, but when we got to E-town where my parents reside the ground wasn't even snow covered and they are only about 15 miles away!

Dad recently got his new "electric wheelchair" that was made specifically for him and he is so proud of it and the many useful features. We had fun playing cards and I know how grateful they are when we visit!  We were home for 1/2 hour to finalize preparations for card club and then met the 3 couples at a nearby restaurant for dinner.  We had a fun evening with these special friends only ending around 11.  

Sunday morning it was only 21 degrees when we got up - WOW!  We drove to Church to hear another session in our current series, Running in Circles.  It was a phenomenal message regarding how we can't change people, only our attitudes towards them plus suggested dialog we could use to be much more effective.  You can hear the sermon on the LCBC website and I would highly recommend it.  It is one everyone can relate to.  At church we spent time with Jamie's family before having breakfast with our Small Group.  What a special morning!

It got to the mid 40's in the afternoon so we went for a long walk.  After dinner we went to our Small Group gathering and had another inspiration message from Andy Stanley, the course of study we are using for our current get togethers.

We awoke to rain on Monday morning but 41 degrees!  We spent the morning in our office and craft room again, Ken finalizing plans for our southern trip and I was busy making more cards.  The sun came out around 1:30 while we were doing a long walk.  It was beautiful and mild, finally!  Ken went to Celebrate Recovery and I started a camping album for the girls using the Costco website. It is very different than my digital program, but it should be good when I get used to it.  

I have been using the chemo cream on my lips for over a week and boy are they getting sore.  They are starting to blister so it must be working.  I have 5 more nights to apply the cream and I will be glad when it is finished.  Eating and drinking can be a bit challenging!

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