Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ken's Adventures at Home While I Was in New York!

Friday he had breakfast with Marcia's husband, Gary, and then went to Jamie's for a good haircut.  (Mine are a bit marginal!)  Then he enjoyed going to the movies to see "God's Not Dead".  In the evening he went to 10,000 Villages to hear 2 ladies sing and sat with Sam and Kathy.

Saturday Ken went to the Wolf Sanctuary near Speedwell Forge where they currently have 44 wolves.  He spent 2 hours seeing the different packs, hearing their history, and learning how they live in the wild.  A very interesting place! Late afternoon and evening was movie time in the apartment watching War Room and The Letters.  He really enjoyed War Room that was on the power of prayer!

This is the home of the wolf sanctuary owners and it is also
a Bed and Breakfast!  Beautiful!
Quite a crowd on Saturday!

...and now for the stars of the sanctuary - the wolves!

After Church on Sunday, he loaded his bike and went to the Riverfront Park between Marietta and Bainbridge and rode 7 miles on the River Trail to the visitors center at Columbia and then 7 miles back to the car. 

This is the new visitors center overlooking the Susquehanna River!

It was a gorgeous day for a ride and he really enjoyed the trail along the Susquehanna River.  Part of the trail was along Front Street in Marietta where there are beautiful old homes with lots of history.  He also passed by Chickies Rock, where several outfitters were helping people ascend the face of the high rock. 

Nice bike trail!

Over the river and through the woods!

This is the Susquehanna River!

Heading down the main street of Marietta!

Some folks are getting instructions on rock climbing!

An old furnace along the trail!

/The old bridge over the Susquehanna!

The supports in the water were from the original bridge over the
Susquehanna.  It was a 1 1/2 mile covered bridge that
was burned during the Civil War!  What history!

Ken spotted this red fox while riding the trail!

From there he went to Jamie's to visit and enjoy a delicious dinner.  He picked me up at 8:30 and his time of being alone and doing his thing was over!!!! 

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