Sunday, April 3, 2016

Friday, Saturday and Sunday - More Fun Days!

Ken and I were up by 5:40 - he left for a walk and I headed to Ephrata at 6:40 to meet my Curvettes ladies for breakfast.  So good to see them again!  Ken and I each made a phone call to Bria to sing "Happy Birthday" to her.  It was her 9th birthday.  Boy, how the time flies! 

I was back to the apartment by 8:30 so Ken could have the car to meet Gary for breakfast.  We certainly have to coordinate our schedules to make this car situation work, but it is a good "challenge".

I spent the rest of the morning and all afternoon making cards by either rubber stamping or doing the iris folding technique.  Unfortunately I didn't seem to have much creative "juices" flowing.  It was challenging.  I believe jewelry making is more my thing!

Ken spent a lot of the day running errands - breakfast, talking to the folks where we have stored Waldo to see if they would have a space for him this summer, an appointment with our accountant, and then to Jones Honda to have the CRV inspected.  He returned to the apartment by 3:15.  He made salads for dinner and told me to keep working on my crafts.  What a guy!

We met Fred and Doloris at 10,000 Villages at 6:20 to visit while listening to the The Cravens Family Band. It was a nice evening, but short.  We left at 7:45 and went to Jamie's to have dessert to celebrate Bria's birthday.  It was a fun time!

Saturday we left at 7:45 to meet fellow high school graduates for breakfast. There were only 7 of us that "showed up", but we had such a good time.  We must have, because we only left at 10:30.  

We came home and after lunch, we spent the afternoon playing Pinochle with my parents at Masonic Homes.  It was another fun time and they were grateful for the opportunity to play cards.  It was a great day for the ladies - we won all 3 games.

We were home by 5 and went for a walk around town.  After dinner, Ken read and I worked on digital scrapbook pages of our camping adventures with our granddaughters in 2015.  TV was on in the background, but we really weren't paying much attention!

Today, Sunday, we went to Church, saw Jamie and her family, and had breakfast with 2 of our small group couples.  Life is good.

We were home by 1:00 and Ken spent the afternoon working at his desk while I was in the same room at my desk making cards.  I stamped them today and my creativity was much better.  I actually liked what I designed.

Bless his heart, Ken made supper - salads, wild rice, and grilled salmon and filet mignon.  So good.  We also took a walk even though it was only in the low 40's and so windy.  What happened to our Spring weather????

We watched 60 minutes and then the ACM awards.  Again, it was on in the background while I did more digital scrapbook pages and Ken did some reading. My scrapbook program was working well for a while, but then it decided it didn't want to save the pages when I had them completed.  So frustrating.  Most of what I did tonight was lost!!!

Did talk to Noela today and they will be staying at a hotel near Pine Grove, PA (about 1 hour from us) on Tuesday night, so we hope to meet for a late lunch or early dinner.  We will be so happy to see them again!

Mom also called me around 10 to say that dad did not seem himself today.  The nurses felt that way too!  He is so tired and sleeps a lot.  They are going to have the doctor "check him out" tomorrow.  Doesn't have a fever, but his belly is very red and cellulitis could be a possibility.  Infections are always a concern!

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