Friday, April 15, 2016

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Wow, today is really a special day!  My dad is 92 years old and is amazing.  He is like a cat with 9 lives!  He has battled many different types of cancer and lived without a bladder for over 20 years!  There were several times when he was critically ill and not expected to make it, but he always proves the Drs. wrong!  Through all of this, he rarely complains but expresses how thankful he is!  Just like I said, he is amazing!

I had breakfast before 7 AM (way too early for this gal) with my Curvette friends where we celebrated my friend, Marcia's 65th birthday.  She brought us a quiz with questions about things that happened 65 years ago and then even had prizes for all of us.  What a fun time!

Ken left for breakfast with his siblings when I got back home and he enjoyed "catching up" with them on their spouses and children.  After a quick lunch, we were at Masonic Homes by 1 to play Pinochle with my mom and dad.  Playing cards is the best possible gift we could give my dad, for he that is his favorite thing to do and the 4 of us always have a good time.

When we returned home, Ken went for a long walk and I made us salads and pizza for dinner.  Ken spent the evening relaxing, watching TV, and reading, while I watched some TV, made some cards, and talked to Doloris.

We are looking forward to picking up Sam and Katelyn tomorrow morning and having them here at the apartment until Sunday.  It will be a fun time!

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