Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fun-Filled Days Especially with Family!

Tuesday was a typical day.  Ken ran numerous errand, I posted on the blog, and then spent time making more cards.  What fun I am having!

We headed to Ephrata to stop at a local Farmer's Market and then did about 3 1/2 miles walking the Linear Trail.  They keep increasing its distance and in 2017 it should be completed that you can walk or bike from Lititz to Ephrata. We will be able to go via the trail to see Jamie's family.  How nice!!!  We went to Jamie's and walked with her to the bus stop to surprise Bria and Cali.  The next 4 hours were very special listening to Cali read, playing games with the girls, and then being invited to have dinner with them, and a delicious dinner it was!!!!!  Home in time to watch The Voice and make additional cards.   This was a good day!

Wednesday Ken got up early and drove to nearby Speedwell Forge to see if he could "spot" some of the unique birds that have been seen in that area.  He was back rather quickly without seeing any birds at all!!!!

After breakfast I left to pick up Mom for a day of craft shopping, since we both like to make cards and are always looking for some new ideas and supplies.  We went to Hobby Lobby and Michael's, stopping only for about 30 minutes to enjoy some delicious pizza.  We really had a fun day and I only got back to Lititz at 5:00.  Ken had kept busy all day with paperwork, trip planning, walking, and prepping dinner.  He grilled chicken and then we watched The Voice, but in different areas of the apartment.  He was reading while watching and I was enjoying making some new card creations.  Another good day!

Today, Thursday, we did our morning routine and Ken left to have breakfast with Gary and do a few more errands.  I did some wash, clean-up around the apartment, and then spent time at my desk - you guessed it, making more cards.  I am definitely hooked!!!!!

At 1:30 we drove to the Surgical Center in Lancaster for my routine cystoscopy. Not my favorite thing, but I am thankful it is quick and painless.  Unfortunately, Dr. Del Terzo found 3 or 4 small spots in my bladder that are of no major concern if removed.  So, at his suggestion, I will get the EKG and blood work done before we leave for Florida, but have the surgery after May 19.  He assured me, he knows how I think, that the growths are small and of little concern as long as we keep checking on a regular basis.  I was disappointed to have to deal with this again, but so thankful that it is a "problem" that can be treated easily and have good results.  I just wish these spots would "stay away"!

We took a walk around Lititz when we returned from the Surgical Center, had grilled filet and cod for dinner, and then drove to the Lititz Rec Center to watch the private swim lessons Bria and Cali have there on Thursday evenings.  Those girls work so hard at swimming and are like little mermaids.  PaPa and I were exhausted watching their 1 hour practice where they did more laps than I can even count.  We spent the evening relaxing after that hard workout!

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