Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monday and Tuesday In Lititz!

Monday morning, Ken was up earlier than me but encouraged me to "sleep in" - YES!!  I got up around 8:15 and we sat in the LR drinking tea and chai while discussing what each of us did the last several days!  Ken enjoyed having some time to do his thing and I had fun with my special friends who are so supportive and have added so much to my life over the last 10 or so years!

After breakfast we loaded our bikes and drove to near Columbia to ride the Enola Low Grade Bike Trail.  It is a 5 1/2 mile trail that follows along the Susquehanna River ending at the Safe Harbor Dam.  There were some small falls along the wide and well maintained trail.  It was in the 70's with plenty of sunshine, a perfect day for a bike ride!  After riding 11 miles, we headed back home!
The parking lot at the head of the trail!

It follows the railroad track and the river!

A beautiful trail along the Susquehanna!

Bag worm sacks on the trees!

They are so dense you can't see the inside!  They are killing
the trees!

The 1st little waterfalls we passed!

Looking down on the Safe Harbor Dam!

This is a great view of Safe Harbor!

A really beautiful trail!

Even some small waterfalls!

This buzzard is resting and drying his wings.  Looks like what
the anhingas do in Florida!

We had a light lunch around 2:30 and then I went to a local lab to have my blood work and EKG for the minor surgery I will have on May 25 when we return from our trip to Florida!

After dinner, Ken went to Celebrate Recovery and I made some more cards.  I had gotten some new die-cuts that I had ordered and I was so excited to try them while watching The Voice. 

Today, Tuesday, Ken had breakfast with one of the leaders at Celebration Recovery while I enjoyed time with his sister, Priscilla.  She got a tour of our apartment and then we went to breakfast where we sat and chatted for over 2 hours.  So good to spend some time with her.  We don't get to be together very often and I miss sharing with her.

Around noon, Ken and I went for a long walk (it was in the 70's and very sunny) and then he worked at his desk while I made a few additional cards.  I just can't get enough of this "creative time".  Jamie called to ask about my weekend away and we had a nice chat.  

I spent a lot of time late afternoon and evening working on this blog.  Also had a phone conversation with Melissa.  When they went to bed on Saturday night she smelled something burning, so Chuck went outside and disconnected all the electric.  They discovered that the wires were blackened in the circuit box above their bed.  Fortunately they were there and awake when it happened.  Using the battery system, they could get the slides in and drive it on Sunday morning to an RV dealer right down the road.  That dealership had a special sale that day, so they were open.  They sold 17 RV's this weekend, so they are not sure how quickly they can repair Chuck and Melissa's motorhome.  They had to unload their refrigerator and freezer and take clothes and other belongs to her mother's condo(she lives about 10 minutes from the CG) where they will stay until their home is repaired.  We are just thankful they are safe and their motorhome did not burn!

We watched The Voice and a show on the National Parks.  It has been a relaxing day.  Sometime this week we will have to take time to pack for our departure on Saturday to Florida to pick up Waldo and slowly head back home.  Sounds exciting! 

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