Friday, October 9, 2015

A Driving Day to the Delaware Water Gap!

Ken and I were up to 5:45 alarm, which was way too early, because it was still very dark outside and raining lightly.  We got ready, had a quick breakfast, and were pulling out of our site by 6:50.  It was still rather dark, cold, and dreary.

We pulled to the front of the CG to hook-up the CRV and Chuck and Melissa did the same.  We were on the road by 7:20 and on our way to Timothy Lake South CG.  It was raining steadily when we started our journey, but the 300 mile trip was on major interstates until the last 25 miles.  Also the more we traveled the less it rained and eventually the sun actually appeared.  

We traveled through a portion of Vermont and saw more gorgeous fall foliage -

The leaves are pretty, but you can tell it is a dreary morning!

Starting to get brighter and so are the leaves!


Then through a section of Massachusetts with more breathtaking trees -

Then into Connecticut where the trees were just as colorful -

Going around Hartford Connecticut!

The trees continue to be so pretty!

Then we crossed the border into New York and guess what???  More colorful trees!  While in New York we got into some road construction and both of us had to go to the bathroom (there wasn't a rest stop since we left the CG), so after I went in Waldo, Ken slowed down and I took over the wheel so he could go to the bathroom.  I drove for about 5 miles and then when we slowed down again, Ken took over!  That was exciting!

Then we crossed over the Hudson River via The Hamilton Fish
Newburgh-Beacon Bridge.

Then we finally made it into Pennsylvania, but I didn't get to take any pictures there.  I will get plenty of them over the next several days. They are pretty here, but I am not certain they have peaked like they have in several of the other states.  We shall see!

The leaves did get more colorful as we continued driving in PA!

I did talk to my sister during our drive and they were on the beach the last two days at Jekyll, but today it started raining around lunchtime.  They are having a good time but are anxious for some really nice beach weather.

We got to the Timothy Lake South CG at 1:30, which was good time considering we were held up for some road work along the way and the sun was shining. So much better for setting up.  We decided to pick camp sites up on the hill so Chuck and Melissa would have good satellite reception, plus the sites were level and stoned.

When we had just about finished setting up, it started to shower and then some heavier rain started.  Ken and I did take time to sit outside under the awning during the rain, since it was almost 70 degrees.  A nice change from the cooler temperatures in Vermont.

The 4 of us left the CG at 3:30 to go to the Visitor's Center at the Delaware Park National Recreation Center.  Another stamp for our National Park Book and a pin for our National Park pin collection that is hanging on the wall of Waldo.  We got maps and advice from the Park Ranger for some hikes to take while we are here.  Ken and I stayed at this same CG about 2 years ago and have taken some of the hikes, but we are excited to repeat some of them and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Back to the CG at 4:30 and Ken and I decided to take a short nap.  It stopped raining by 5, so Ken was able to grill. We did the dishes and got ready for the arrival of Chuck and Melissa around 7:30 for another game night.  The men were victorious last night in Skip-Bo and Pinochle, but the women won Sequence Dice.  We had to let up a bit since they had a long drive today and they hadn't won anything for such a long time!  It made them feel good!

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  1. WHAT!!! You switched drivers while moving... are you nuts!! And here I thought you guys were very safety conscious. DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!!! Stick a cup under his "pee pee" next time.