Sunday, October 25, 2015

On the Way to Chuck and Melissa's Home Turf - Nashville!

Today is a very special day for the Hoslers - our 46 wedding anniversary! Amazing.  When we started reflecting on our married life it is incomprehensible! We realize how very blessed we are with our wonderful family and special friends and how fortunate we are to be living our dreams together!  We don't take it forgranted.  We continue to celebrate life daily!

I made a cooked breakfast and cleaned up while Ken worked on the computer. Then we took time to take a walk around the very nice campground.  It was cloudy and about 55 degrees, but not raining.  Then we sat on a swing overlooking the pond and took some time to reflect on our lives and to talk about our dreams.

By 10 the 4 of us were on our way to Nashville via Interstate 40.  It was only about 120 miles to the next campground, Jellystone at Nashville, so it was a quick and rather easy drive.  It was cloudy the whole way, but no rain!  I talked to my sister while we traveled.  They are continuing to have a good time at Jekyll Island in Georgia.

We arrived at the CG around noon and set-up was quick and easy.  I did some clean-up inside Waldo and then we ate lunch.  Ken took a short nap while I did some work on the blog and downloading photos.

At 4:00 the 4 of us left to see some of the areas where Melissa had lived, played, and where Chuck and Melissa went to high school. Then we went to meet Melissa's mother and have dinner at her home!

What a charming lady.  Her Condo is large, open, and so beautiful.  She was such a gracious hostess.  She had told Melissa that I should bring my laundry to do at her house while we visited.  I hesitated, but Melissa said she would be disappointed if I didn't accept her offer.  So I took it along and did 2 large loads while we were there.  I was so appreciative!

Before dinner she shared stories about her life that were so interesting.  We had a delicious meal and then we played Spades and her mother joined us to play Up the River.  It was a fun evening with lots of sharing and laughter.

When we left, her mother said she felt like she already knew Ken and I before we arrived since she sees our picture and follows all our adventures on Melissa's blog.  (She reads it daily and feels like she travels with us!)  She also said she can see why the 4 of us get along so well as our personalities and likes are so similar!

We left there at 10 with clean clothes and headed back to the campground. What a special time for Ken and I!

Now we know why Melissa is such a special lady.  She had
a very special mother!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! How can it be 46 years??? Did you marry at 10??
    What a special mway to spend your anniversary! Miss you guys.