Friday, October 16, 2015

On Our Way to Waynesboro, VA

Ken and I woke to the 6:20 alarm and got ready to leave the CG.  Had a quick breakfast and by 8:01 the 4 of us were leaving the CG.  We had set 8 as our departure time and I am always amazed at no matter where we are going or what time we plan to leave, the 4 of us always manage to be ready to go with a minute or 2 of our planned time.  We are good!!!!!

All hooked-up and ready to leave Hershey Preserve!

One final photo of  the beautiful trees!,,,,

....and the pond and the trees in the distance!

It was a beautiful sunny morning, but only 42 degrees.  I am so ready to get back into my shorts and summer tops, but it appears that even as we head south to VA the colder weather will be following us!  What is that about?????

The drive around Harrisburg went smoothly and going over the Susquehanna River was a great "Kodak" moment!

The bridge over the Susquehanna River with Harrisburg in
the background!

You can see the State Capital building in the background!

We drove on Interstate 81 and went through a small portion of Maryland and West Virginia, before getting to Virginia.

No, I didn't take this picture while we were driving!
Thanks, Melissa!

We stopped at the Virginia Welcome Center when we entered Virginia and it was the most beautiful one we have every been in.  I think it is fairly new!

We also passed the exits for Harrisonburg, VA....

..... bringing back lots of memories for Ken and me.  We lived there for 2 years (1970-1972)and both of us worked at Rockingham Memorial Hospital.  It was a very interesting time of our lives, having only been married for 3 months when we moved there and we didn't know anyone in VA, let alone Harrisonburg.  It was fun to reflect on our jobs, low salaries, housing (a 10 x 50 older mobile home), etc.  Probably a good opportunity for two 19 years to get to really know each other and grow up quickly. The area has grown so much over the last 43 years!

The welcome center was the only stop we made before arriving around 1 at the Waynesboro North 340 Campground, located about 18 miles off the Interstate.  It is a very nice CG with large, shaded sites.  After getting set-up outside, Ken decided to wash the bottom half of Waldo the whole way around, plus the wheels and windows.  Believe me, that is a job!

The 4 of us ate a late lunch together outside and then Ken finished washing Waldo while I cleaned inside including washing the windows!   Not sure what got into us today!!!

Then Ken decided he needed to wash the CRV so he went to a local car wash and did a great job.  I finally had a chance to make several pieces of jewelry. We certainly got a lot done today considering how tired we felt when we first arrived at the CG.  We must have gotten our "second wind".

Ken made salads for tonight and tomorrow night while I worked on more jewelry.  Then I made quinoa and black beans while he grilled a piece of salmon and a pork chop.  A delicious dinner!

We cleaned up and at 7:30 headed over to Chuck and Melissa's to discuss what we want to see and do while in this area and to play some games.  The men won Pinochle and the women won Skip-Bo.  We had a fun evening and are preparing for the upcoming cold nights - in the upper 30's.  What is that about?????   It thought we headed further south today!!!!!

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  1. Hey Sis...I remember Harrisonburg, too. I drove there with you when I was 15 and spent 2 woks with you. That older guy from, I think, India took me bowling. We bowled 8 games!! I was so tired, but he meant well. That was a fun time. John and I are enjoying all the beautiful pics of the leaves since we will miss them by the time we get home. Thanks! Cindy