Friday, October 23, 2015

On Our Way to Crossville, TN

Ken and I were up 7:15 and got ready for our trip to Crossville.  All went very smoothly and the 4 of us were on the highway by 9.  I can't believe how we always seem to be ready at the same time no matter when or where we are going!

It was 180 mile drive and on major highways, so the drive was very scenic (more colorful trees) but relatively easy.  I spent time working on my computer and Ken used our blue tooth connection to make several phone calls.  The drive went extremely quickly for me.

Love the mountains and that we are traveling with
Chuck and Melissa! 
The Knoxville Skyline!

The fall foliage in Tennessee is really starting to change!

We stay close to Chuck and Melissa.  With Melissa as a
navigator there is very little chance of getting lost!

We arrived at Spring Lake RV Resort in Crossville at 11:30 (we gained an hour) and set-up was quick and easy.  We are only here 2 nights, so we limited what we put out!  This is a beautiful CG with a cement patio complete with a swing, grill, and wrought iron table and chairs that overlooks the fountain on the lake. It is a place where you would love to spend more time just relaxing, but we are leaving on Sunday morning to head to Nashville!  So much for relaxing!!!!

We can sit on this swing and enjoy a view of the fountain
on the lake!

This is Chuck and Melissa's site beside us!

There is an island in the middle of the lake!

We ate lunch on the swing enjoying the lake (not bad!!!!) and then we both spent time outside RELAXING!  I actually sat in our lounge chair which we rarely get out when we RV.  It was fun to read outside, enjoy the 75 degree weather, and feel the warmth of the sun.  Ken actually took time to nap too!

We showered and I worked on the computer. The 4 of us left at 3:30 to drive to Cookeville to have dinner at Cheddar's meeting Lois Howard and Rachel there. Lois is a fellow camper we met at Hershey while playing pickleball and then stayed in her driveway in Waldo on our return from our southwest trip in late June.  Rachel is a waitress at Cheddar's who served Ken, Lois and I when we were in the area.  Lois and Rachel met the 4 of us there and Rachel brought 3 little ones she is a nanny for and her roommate, Marissa. The 3 children, 6 and under, were so well behaved and both girls do such a good job taking care of them.  We had a very nice time reconnecting and enjoyed introducing them to Chuck and Melissa.  The food was delicious too!  

A very reasonable chain with excellent food!

This creation was made by Marissa using pumpkins!
What a fun time.  Marissa had taken the two older children
to the restroom.  We are sad they aren't on the picture!

Rachel and Lois - I think they are smiling because
they know we are soon going to "dig in" to the
delicious onion rings.

We were back to the CG by 7, watched some news and I worked on my blog.  At 7:30 we went to Chuck and Melissa's to play some games.  Men won Skip-Bo easily, but we won Sequence Dice (I don't think the men have won that game since we started this trip!) and Pinochle!  Go Ladies!!!

What a great day!

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