Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Our 1st Full Day in Tennessee!

Wow, it was a beautiful morning!  About 38 degrees, but sunny and only a very slight breeze.  Supposed to get around 70!  Bring on the warm weather!  I am ready!

We were up at 8 (felt good to sleep in) and I prepped breakfast and started to pack our lunches while Ken showered.  Ken finished breakfast and packing our lunches while I showered!  What a team!!!!

Then we noticed that Chuck and Melissa were outside with a flashlight checking out their motorhome.  Yesterday they had noticed an electrical type smell in their bathroom and in the compartment outside under the bathroom.  Then it had gone away.  But this morning it was rather strong again and they were concerned.  We checked in with them and all of us tried to come up with possibilities of what could be causing the smell.  After much investigating, they discovered that the electric element on the water heater was not working properly, but fortunately they did get hot water when running on propane.  They will try to get it repaired at the dealer beside the CG in Nashville.

We had planned on leaving at 10:30 to do a hike, but we put that on hold when the electrical problem surfaced.  At 12:15 we decided the problem was under control and it was safe to leave.  We drove about 25 minutes to the trail head for the Laurel Falls Trail in Hampton, TN.  There is 670 feet of elevation and offers changing terrain, rock formations, a waterfall, mountain views, and rhododendrons everywhere.  There is just enough of a challenge on this trail to make it interesting.  It was a perfect day for a hike - sunny and up to the low 70's! I would love to hike this trail when all the rhododendrons are blooming!  It would be magnificent.  I always enjoy a trail that follows a river most of the way and to hear the babbling water going over the river rocks.

The trees in Tennessee are just beginning to change color!

Just a pretty purple flower.  Of course, I don't know its name!

This is where we hiked today!

The trail was narrow and winding, but so

I love photos where you see the reflection of
the colors in the water!

Gorgeous hillside!

We crossed 2 bridges on the hike and enjoyed the river view!

This picture looks like it should be on a
calendar - Good job, Ken!

We stopped along the trail and ate our packed lunches sitting on rocks overlooking the river and the gorgeous colored trees on the mountainside. What more could you want??????

Not a bad view to enjoy eating our packed lunches!

Before getting to the falls, there was a narrow part of the trail where you have to go around a large rock and then follow the rocky path down to the falls.

The hike continued around this narrow rock landing and then
you climbed for a little before heading down to the falls!

When you have poles and hiking shoes it is definitely a hike
and not a walk!

We arrived at the beautiful waterfalls (40 feet high and 50 feet wide) and what a sight to behold.  We have seen so many exceptional waterfalls on this adventures and each one is so unique. We had to return the same way we had come, but we were more than happy to "retrace" our steps. 

Laurel Falls!

A father and son died here in 2012!

What a joy to share special moments with special friends!

Another spectacular reflection photo!

A young man came towards us carrying a huge backpack and not wearing a shirt.  We chatted with JP and learned that we are on a section of the Appalachian Trail.  He is hiking the entire trail having left Maine on June 8th and planning to be back to his home state of NC in time for Thanksgiving.  He hikes about 20 to 25 miles per day and has about 425 (plus or minus) more miles to hike.  He asked if we had seen any other hikers with backpacks and was excited when we said no, for that meant he was ahead of them.  There are four of them that have met up at times, but they didn't start the adventure together.

This is JP!  Can't believe he wasn't cold
without a shirt!  He is one tough dude according
to his friends.  Honey Bear said he has to run just
to keep up with JP's walking pace!

As we continued on our trip back to the car, we met up with the 3 other hikers - Honey Bear, Tennessee Jeb, and Houdini.  Honey Bear was such a comedian and at one point pulled a dark blue, plastic trumpet out of his backpack and said he would like to play a song for us.  What a hoot!  He was actually very good and we found it amazing that all of them were just relaxed and so willing to take the time to chat. 

This is Honey Bear with his blue 1 pound plastic trumpet!

On the left is Houdini and on the right,
Tennessee Jeb!

When we were ready to depart, he said he will serenade us as we continue down the trail.  So, he began playing Amazing Grace right there in the woods.  It was beautiful. As we continued on he played "Maria" from West Side Story.  You just never know who you will meet and what experiences you may have when on these adventures!

He took time to play for us as we walk away and it was
a beautiful version of "Amazing Grace".

We were back to the CG by 5:30 after hiking 5 1/2 miles.  The sun was shining and the 4 of us sat outside "soaking it up" before we started dinner.  Ken grilled chicken and salmon while I made couscous and fresh red beets (just for me, because Ken wouldn't touch them!).  We went through today's photos and I worked on the blog.  

We went over to Chuck and Melissa at 8:15 and got back at 10:30.  We played 5 Crowns and Pinochle and the women won both - Yeah!!!!

What a great day!!!!!

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  1. The trail looked beautiful but I got to tell you "the icing on the cake" for me would have been meeting up with those hikers and then listening to that music as I am walking away! How cool!!
    Keep having fun and keep winning ladies!