Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Great Bike Ride in New Hampshire!

Ken and I packed our lunches and made a delicious cooked breakfast.  After a conversation with my mother, the 4 of us got in our CRV's with our bikes in tow and drove about 9 miles to one of the trailheads for the Northern Rail Trail in Lebanon, NH.  

We were dressed for the weather (jackets) because it was only about 50 degrees when we started riding and most of the trail was in the shade.  What a gorgeous trail.  At 58 miles, the Northern Rail Trail is the longest rail-trail in New Hampsire.  It follows the scenic Macoma Valley and was developed in the mid-1990s when the recently abandoned Boston and Maine 's Northern Line was purchased by the State of New Hampshire.  Leaving Lebanon, it follows the Mascoma River, crossing it seven times in just the first few miles.  The views are incredible and the fall foliage is in all its splendor! There were also some cute and interesting scarecrows along the trail.  It is a nicely cindered trail that is level and easy riding, except where they were repairing a bridge and we had to take a detour off the trail.  That part was a bit hilly.

We are now in another state on this Great American
Leaf Tour!

Time to get on the bike trail and begin pedaling!

A nice level trail!

Just enjoy all the beautiful color and water along the trail!

Don't you love the shadows in the water???

Another campground.  What a setting!

We rode about 7 miles to the small village of Enfield where we sat on a bench and had a snack before heading back to our cars.  We rode for 14 miles and what a perfect day for a ride. 

This little village town has a lot of history! 
Reminds me of our generation - the 50's and

Ken found a friend to ride with on the trail!

So many beautiful, large barns in New Hampshire and Vermont!

We ate our packed lunches in a park in Lebanon before heading to a Liquor Store in New Hampshire.  They have very "reasonably" priced liquor and no taxes!  Wow!

We were back to the CG by 4:15 and it was time to get ready for tormorrow's departure to Timothy Lake South CG near the Delaware Water Gap in PA.  Ken was very busy "disconnecting" outside, loading things in the car and in the basement of Waldo, etc. while I did some prep work inside.  Also worked on this blog and downloaded the many photos Ken took today of the leaves - he just can't get enough!!!''

Since we had such a late lunch we just had small salads for dinner.  Went to Chuck and Melissa's at 7:30 for some game playing.  Can't believe we are leaving Vermont tomorrow after being here for 11 days.  As per usually, the time has "flown", but I must admit that I am excited to get to some warmer temperatures!  This girl likes to wear shorts, not long pants and a jacket!!!!

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  1. WOW... the leaves are gorgeous. Wonder if we'll catch any of it on our way home or if it will all be over. Come to think of it, I believe the trees were bare last year :(. Welcome back to PA!!