Friday, October 2, 2015

Spent the Morning in Canada and Then Back to the US

Again we were all up between 6:30 and 7, meeting in the kitchen at 7:30.  She had asked late evening what we wanted for breakfast and since that morning had worked so well, we decided to just repeat that scenario.

So, she had cooked the bacon and we all made our own eggs.  The boys loaded the CRV for our return trip.  It was about 40 degrees with a very light frost and since we had brought our bikes and not yet ridden, Noela suggested we do a bike ride.  I am so glad she did.  I was a bit concerned because of the temperature (pretty cold for this fair weather girl), but it was a wonderful, invigorating ride on such a nice trail not far from their home.  Actually it was the same trail where we had walked to the campground on Wednesday, but we rode the opposite direction.  Also, Noela had given wool hats to Melissa, Ken and I which we were very happy to wear.  She also gave me a pair of gloves and my hands were so thankful!  I think it was called the Route Verte d'Argenteull, but I can't be certain.  Those French names are so tough for this gal!!!!  It seems to me there are so many letters for each of their words and a lot of them aren't even pronounced!  What is that about????  Also, I don't think my tongue can make all those unique sounds!!!  We rode about 8 miles, returning to the house at 11:15.

Another gorgeous trail.  Note the knitted hats!  It was cold!

The 6 of us have so much fun together! 

What an unbelievable playhouse we spotted
along the bike trail.  Wouldn't every little
princess love to have this in her backyard???

On the trail you crossed over this suspension bridge!

Ernie and Noela invited us to have lunch with them before we left and the 6 of us had a very nice time.  After hugs and lots of thank yous for such an incredibly good time and wonderful hospitality, we were on our way back to our motorhomes in Vermont by 12:15. 

It was hard to imagine that it was time for us to leave
and head back to the campground in Vermont!
Thank you, Noela and Ernie for being so gracious and
showing us such a wonderful time in your home area. It
was very special!

The drive went very well, even around Montreal.  Customs went smoothly, but there were 6 cars ahead of us when we arrived, so it was a rather slow process.

Crossing the border back into the US!

We stopped for gas when we got back to Vermont and were at the CG around 3:30.  We unloaded the car and I put everything back in its place while Ken reloaded the CRV with all the things he had taken out before we left.  I spent time recording our expenses, working on the blog, and then downloading the photos that Ken had spent a lot of time going through and then only saving the best ones.

Ken made salads for dinner while I continued working on the blog.  Because we had no internet connection in Canada, I had gotten way behind in my posts and was eager to get it up-to-date!  Chuck and Melissa were here from 7:30 to 9:45 and it took us that long to play 1 game of Pinochle.  The women were way behind a lot of the game, but came out victorious in the end.  The saga continues!

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