Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Fun Day in Quebec Hosted by Ernie and Noela!

We all had a good night's sleep and were up around 6:30. It was 38 degrees when we got up. Ernie showered at 4:30 AM  so he wouldn't be in any one's "way".  Fortunately, he did go back to sleep for a short time. We all met in the kitchen around 7:30 where Noela had made bacon and was keeping it warm in the oven.  She asked each of us to make our own eggs whatever style we preferred and then had toast, bagels, juice, tea and coffee to go with them. What a good way to do it! 

After more chatting and lots of laughing, we got in Ernie's truck again for the 6 of us to go to Tremblant at Mont-Tremblant, one of the top ski resorts in northeast America.  It was a 1 1/2 hour drive from their home, so another stop at Tim Horton's for our morning "brews" was a necessity!  Tim Horton's are everywhere!  We saw many beautiful trees along the way that are starting to change color.  It was beautiful!

Ken is so excited to see leaves changing color!  After all,
we are on the Great American Leaf Tour!

Bright colors are really started to "pop"!

Looking up towards the ski resort!

Then on to the ski resort.  What an unbelievable, beautiful place! The homes and condos in the mountain are incredible and extremely pricey! We took the free ski lift up to the base of the mountain where there were numerous shops and eateries.  We walked around the area and were so glad we had long pants, jackets, and sweatshirts.  It was cold and windy!  We ate lunch at Pizzateria, which was very good and offered a nice view.

Going up on the lift!  Some beautiful condos and shops!

More pretty trees!

This is a big area with many housing possibilities!

Thought I should buy this for Ken so he could
always find a moose!

After being out in the cool and windy weather, they drive
to our next destination required a nap for Chuck and Melissa!
After leaving there, we stopped at another Tim Horton's for a warm drink and then on to Corridor Aerobique Bik Trail which was formerly the Canada National Railroad Track.  We walked about 3 miles on this scenic trail.  It was cool but invigorating!  

Time to walk off the pizza and get some steps!

Here we go a hiking among the leaves so green (and red and

Some beautiful areas along the trail!

It was chilly, but we felt so good after the scenic hike!

We returned to their house at 5 and while having some wine, we played a long game of Sequence Dice with the women being victorious again.  Then it was time for another of Noela's delicious dinners.  She had made lasagna before we arrived, so she baked it and served it with a salad that included her home grown peppers and tomatoes.  The lasagna was fantastic.  It must have been, for she thought she would have at least half of it leftover, but no!!  There was about 1/4 of it left when we were finished!  It was just tooooo good!!!

After clean-up, it was time for more games.  Skip-Bo was won by the women (barely), then we played 3 games of LCR with women 2 and men 1, and ended with the men winning Toss Up.  It has been a winning few days for the women!!!

The women are number 1 in the game "count"!

To bed around 10:30 after another wonderful day.  Ernie and Noela are the most gracious Host/Hostess and we are so glad we made this trip to visit them.  

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