Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Hike to the Top Of Stone Mountain!

Ken and I had some trouble getting up to the 6:45 alarm.  We could have used a little more "shut eye".  We had a light breakfast, got ready, and by 8:20 the 4 of us were on our way to the parking lot within the park for the trailhead to the Walk Up Trail to the top of Stone Mountain.  Grant, Crystal, Avery, and Hannah met us there to join us for the hike!

It is a mile hike to the top on a quartz and granite solid rock trail.  It is obviously an uphill climb, but it is fairly easy to maneuver.  It was cloudy and about 56 degrees when we started the hike, so sweatshirts and were a necessity.  Windbreakers were appreciated too!!!

Here we go up the Mountain!

It is a trail with lots of large rocks!

"Come on, Kenny"!

These 2 poles are decorated with already
chewed chewing gum!

A view from part way up the trail!

....and the uphill climb continues. Poor Grant and Crystal have
heavy loads!

Near the top is the steepest part with no steps, but a railing is provided. 

On the "landing" right before heading up the steepest part!

The railing was helpful!

After the railing, the summit was in sight!!!

What an incredible view from the top. 

We made it with the Gregory family!

Let's get closer to the edge!

We saw the cable cars -

The skyline of Atlanta, even though it was very overcast and hazy -

..... gorgeous views of Stone Mountain Park -

There are 2 golf courses at Stone Mountain

This is actually a photo of the scenic area of the CG.

...and the campground!

You can see Waldo and Chuck and Melissa's motorhome!

And then it was time for hike back down which was easier than up, except for Chuck's knees!

Hannah liked her "ride" on the way down!

We got back to Waldo at 10:30 and were happy to go inside for some hot tea and chai.  Ken and I decided to let the Gregory families  have the afternoon and evening as a family and we would take the remainder of the day to relax, make jewelry, and then Ken decided to take another hike - 5 miles.  What is wrong with that boy??????  It took him 2 hours to complete, because the "photographer" was very busy.  He really enjoyed the hike!

The CG had a fun afternoon for families and Chuck, Melissa, Chystal and her family, and Cory with Emmaline and Ruby joined them for the festivities.  Bell and Tafanie went to a birthday party for one of Bell's friends.  The CG had a hay ride, pumpkin painting, magic show, and a bonfire for toasting marshmallows. A fun time for all. Then Chuck and Melissa spent the evening at their children's homes.

I spent the afternoon and a lot of the evening making jewelry.  Every once in a while I get an urge to be creative and I appreciated having some time to do that today.  Ken and I both showered and then he disconnected the sewer, water and cable.  in preparation for leaving tomorrow.  We also watched some football and the World Series while I worked on my blog and downloaded photos.  

We have enjoyed our time here at Stone Mountain and meeting Chuck and Melissa's daughters and their families.  We are looking forward to seeing Ernie and Noela in Carabelle and then going to one of our favorite CG's in Florida, Royal Coachman near Venice!  I really look forward to warmer weather and beach time!!!!

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  1. We are in Bushnell, Florida. Hope we can meet up somewhere while you down here.