Thursday, October 29, 2015

On Our Way to Atlanta!

Well, Ken and I were up to the 6:20 alarm, but still could have used more "shut eye"!  As per usual, it was a competition for the boys as to who would be ready to leave 1st.  These moving days are the most "stressful" for me.  No matter what time we plan to pull out of a CG, we seem to be about 15 minutes ahead of schedule.  We usually pull in our slides before we eat, and when Chuck sees them go in, it is a signal for him to start his engine and "air up".  But, when he starts the engine, Ken says we got to get moving, because Chuck will be pulling out to hook up the car very soon.  And so the race is underway!  It is all in fun, but it gets crazy!!!!!

We were supposed to leave the CG at 8, but of course, we were on our way by 7:45.  So much for a planned time to leave!!!!!  Melissa and I just laugh through it all!!!!

It was a beautiful drive on Interstate 24 with colorful leaves and gorgeous mountains.  We stopped at a Rest Area after about 1 3/4 hours but just long enough to use their facilities.  It was a quick stop but it felt good to walk just a little and enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperature.  We made one additional stop at a rest area where we prepared our lunches to eat when we were further down the road.  We did have to take about a 12 mile detour off of Interstate 75 due to stopped traffic.  I did talk to my mother and she and Dad are doing well.  Also left a message for Jamie, but did get to talk to Lanie.  Also connected with Noela and we will meet up with Ernie and her on Monday at Carrabelle in Fl. where the 6 of us will spend 4 days together.

More beautiful leaves.  This Great American Leaf Tour
was everything we hoped it would be!

Could these be the Smokey Mountains?????

A crazy but beautiful site!

They were't joking when they say heavy traffic and delays!

Another state to enjoy - Georgia!

We arrived at the Stone Mountain CG, the largest CG in GA at 3 after about a 6 hour drive.  The traffic around Atlanta was crazy, almost as bad as Interstate 95 around DC.  It was off and on sunny when we arrived and set-up went extremely well.  We were all a bit weary!

Their daughter, Tafanie, arrived with their 3 granddaughters, Bell (4), Emmaline (2), and Ruby (1) at 4:15.  What a nice reunion for their family.  It has been 3 months since they have been together!  Ken and I gave them sometime alone before going over to meet them.  We all went to the playground and the little ones had a great time climbing and sliding!  Ken and I had such a good time with all of them.

This is 4 year old Bell!

3 year old Emmaline!

Ruby is 1!

Tafanie is one busy Mommy!

At 6 Chuck, Ken, Melissa and I left to go to their daughter Crystal's house and have dinner with her husband, Grant, and their 2 daughters.  They live about 20 minutes from the CG.  They are a delightful family and have done a wonderful job remodeling their older home.  We had taken salad for dinner and they got take-out Venezuelan food.  Ken and I really enjoyed it.  We enjoyed their 2 daughters, Avery (3) and Hannah (1). We will get photos of their family when we see them tomorrow!

We were back to Waldo by 10, weary and ready for bed.  The drive today was rather stressful for the boys and we are all hoping for a good night's sleep!

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