Monday, October 19, 2015

We Spent the Entire Day at the Campground!

Hard to imagine, huh????  This foursome rarely sits still for a day!

Ken and I only got up around 8:30, but Ken did spend some time reading.  It was only 28 degrees outside and that is just too darn cold!  We always turn the heat low at night, so it took sometime to get it up to a comfortable temperature for taking showers.  We made a delicious cooked breakfast and had delicious fresh fruit.  Chuck and Melissa came over to chat for a little while we were making our breakfast.  They had eaten earlier.

After cleaning up, Ken spent time working on the computer checking his accounts and paying bills.  I talked to Lanie and Jamie and then showered. Chuck came over to help Ken try to center the blinds at the windshield in Waldo. For some reason they had moved slightly to the right and it was hard to keep them on the track.  So, they worked together and did their "magic" and both blinds are now centered.  Then they had to remount the "face plate" that covers both of the shades.  That was a bit more of a challenge, a lot of it due to the tight "quarters" they had to work in.  But I am here to report that everything looks great and is working well!

I spent about 3 hours making jewelry and had a good time.  I was anxious to have some time to be "creative" again.  Melissa did some cleaning, laundry, and caught up on her blog.

At 5 Ken and I decided to take a walk around the campground.  Ken had been up and about today, but I mostly sat at the table.  So a walk was a very good idea, but it was only 56 degrees.  

We had leftovers for dinner, did the dishes, watched the news, and at 7:30 went over to Gregorys to play games.  We never get tried of our game nights and the laughing and fun that goes on and on.

Tomorrow morning we will leave for 3 nights at Bluff City, Tennessee.  And the adventure goes on and on!!!!!

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