Friday, October 30, 2015

A Walking Tour of Decatur GA

We got up at 6:40 and I did some work on the blog while Ken did devotions. After breakfast and getting ready, the 4 of us left at 9:45 and Ken got some great photos of Stone Mountain when we were leaving the Park.

This is Stone Mountain and we plan to hike to the top of it
tomorrow!  Don't you love the beautiful reflections in the water!

This is the carving on the north face of  Stone Mountain.
It is 3 Confederate figures from the Civil War - Stonewall
Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis!

Amazing.  They have a laser show in this area, but it is
finished for this season!

We drove to Crystal's house, where she and her two daughters, Avery and Hannah, joined us for a walk from their house to downtown Decatur.  Decatur, with a population of about 20,000, has a very interesting downtown - so many unique shops and eateries.  You certainly have a choice of many different types of foods from around the world. 

Avery  enjoyed a ride occasionally, but she really liked to walk!

The happy Gregory Clan!

Lots of painted murals throughout town!

A nice downtown area for walking!

So many eateries!

Avery wanted to check out this sculpture!

Ted Turner's eatery in downtown Decatur!

Made from old Propane Tanks!

There was a Toy Park which is like a "graveyard" for old toys, especially Little Tykes items such as kitchens, forts, playhouses, etc.  Plus there are riding and push toys everywhere.  People just drop them off when their children outgrow them and other children have the opportunity to enjoy them while at the Park. Hannah and Avery played there for about a 1/2 hour.  Then we reversed our path and stopped at Victory Sandwich, a great place for lunch.  Ken and I both got their pulled pork sandwich and shared a salad - delicious.  They had an interesting appetizer that was a pimento spread with bacon jam (we think it may have been sweetened with some maple syrup).  It was very good on the toasted baguettes they served with it. 

Avery really enjoyed the push toys!

What a Toy Park!  

We took a walk around the campus of Agnes Scott College, which was established in 1889, affiliated with the Presbyterian Church and is a private girls college with about 1,000 girls attending.  It's motto is "Educating women to think deeply, live honorably and engage the intellectual and social challenges of their times".  We saw a friend of Crystal's  who coordinates functions and weddings at the college while we were walking there and he took us into their unique chapel.  It is a Frank Lloyd Wright type design.  There are many beautiful buildings on this campus.

This is one of the buildings on campus and\most
of them were of similar architecture!

This is the modern chapel!

Looking up to the pipe organ!

We were back to Crystal's around 2 and the 4 of us headed back to the CG.  I had a headache when we got back, so after taking some Tylenol, a nap was in order.  Ken graciously got the "fixins" for salads prepared and ready to go to Tafanie's house this evening while I rested.  I think he may have gotten a 20 minute nap.  

Loving the large pumpkin on their front porch!

At 5:45 the 4 of us left the CG and headed to Tafanie and Cory's house so we could all have dinner together - Crystal's family joined us too!  So, it was a full house with 8 adults and 5 little ones age 4 and under.  Tafanie had made a delicious taco soup ( I got the recipe) and cornbread and we provided the salad extras and Melissa and Chuck the lettuce and Lancaster County whoopie pies. Their daughters and son-in-laws had never tasted whoopie pies and they were a hit!!!

After getting all the little ones to bed, the adults played 1 game of Snitch.  None of us were certain of all the rules (Ken and I had never played it), but Cory's parents often play it, so he called them to verify the plays and rules.  Once we started the game we had them on "stand by" and called them about 3 more times with questions.  They graciously worked with us and it was a fun game, with Chuck being the winner.

We headed back to the CG at 10 and all of us went right to bed.  It was a fun, busy day and Ken and I really enjoyed spending time with the "Gregory and extended family".  They are all very special!

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