Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Busy, but Fun 4 Days!

Monday was mostly a "catch up" day for Ken while I spent most of it with my mother and father at Masonic Homes.

Before going there, I had a dermatology appt. and she agreed that I need to use the special ointment (it really is a chemo type treatment) on my lower lip.  I have some scattered, abnormal cells that need to be eliminated.  I will start that 2 week procedure in about 2 weeks and see her again the beginning of June.

From there I made several stops, picking up things that I knew my mother needed and going to Subway to get lunch from Mom, Dad, and me.  They love subs from there and didn't have one for quite awhile - a special treat!

Mom had moved back to her original room about 2 weeks ago after the renovations were completed.  It looks beautiful, but she wanted me to help her reorganize all her closets, cabinets and drawers.  We worked for awhile, then had Dad join us for lunch, and then continued our project.  I hung pictures in both of their rooms and left there around 4:30 - tired but happy with all we had accomplished.

Ken spent the day at his desk catching up on our bills, accumulated mail, organizing his office, going through his clothing and taking a walk.

Tuesday we took a long walk in the morning and then Ken was back to his desk, getting ready for the accountant.  I spent most of the day going through all our cupboards, drawers, closets, etc. (hey, didn't I do that yesterday?) and doing laundry! Ken did some errands!

We left at 3:30 and dropped our bikes for a tune-up at a local country bike shop on our way to Lanie's.  It was Bob's birthday and we offered to spend the evening with Samantha and Katelyn while the 2 of them went out for a birthday dinner.  Ken and I had a fun time with the girls, taking them out for pizza and then to McDonald's for ice cream and playing computer games.  Sam and Katelyn were so well behaved and we enjoyed our special time with them.  Bob and Lanie were home early and we were back to the apartment by 9.

Wednesday we went to a viewing for Gary Kreider's oldest brother, Fred.  We were able to see and talk with many friends and also be supportive of the family.  From there we took our 1st trip to Alda, a grocery store that we found rather interesting - good prices and lots of healthy foods.

Ken spent a lot of the afternoon getting "stuff" together for his appointment with our accountant on Friday.  I was so excited to spend some time doing some rubber stamping and making greeting cards!  But, for some reason I did not have my "creative juices flowing".  Maybe it is because I sold so many of my rubber stamps, my paper, and my paper tools.  Also, I loaned some of my favorite stamps to my mother while we were in Florida, and I have not ask for them back - yet!  Non the less, I just wasn't very successful.

Ken grilled and then I spent the evening at my "craft" desk watching a U-Tube on how to do Iris Paper Folding to make cards.  I had learned from my friend Deb in Naples, but I needed a refresher course!  Then I made  a card with a kite on the front.  Finally I made a card!

Today was another good day!  After breakfast, I went to the local Lancaster General Hospital Lab here in Lititz to get my cytology urinalysis in preparation for my cystoscopy appointment on April 14.  I am confident that all will be well!  From there I drove to Lancaster to go to Michaels Crafts, AC Moore, and Joann Fabrics.  I needed to get some coordinating papers for doing more iris folded cards.  It was a successful trip.  

Ken did some planning for our trip to Florida in about 4 weeks. We need to go back to Lazydays to pick up Waldo and we are hoping to have a leisure trip back to PA, taking about 3 weeks for the return trip.  He was in search of campgrounds and places where we would like to spend time.

We ate lunch and left for our dental cleanings and check-ups at 1:45.  We could both have appointments at the same time - how nice.  Since we sold our other CRV before we left for Florida in December,  we are a 1 car couple, so we are thankful when we have "coordinated" appointments.  It can be a bit challenging when either one of us go away for the day, but we are doing well.

We stopped by Jamie's and met Bria and Cali on the way home from their bus stop.  It is always good to see any of our granddaughters.  

We took a walk when we got back and Ken walked about 30 minutes longer than I did.  I made salads for us and got supper ready.  Spent the evening working on this blog and watching American Idol.

Life is good and we are Celebrating Life Daily!

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