Saturday, January 28, 2017

1st Craft "Show" of 2017

Ken and I were up by 6:30, cooked breakfast, and by 7:30 we were setting up tables to display my sea glass pictures and jewelry for the CG yard sale.  It was only 52  degrees and a bit breezy and we were not overly optimistic about selling much of our merchandise.  The CG has a yard sale the last Saturday of every month and usually people are just selling items that they no longer want or need in their RV's.  We weren't sure if many folks would be out looking for craft items.

It started rather slowly and Ken and I were minding the cloudy, cool day.  But by 9 AM things started to change and people became interested in what we were selling.  By noon we were thrilled with our sales.  This was the 1st time I offered sea glass pictures and I sold 5 of them, almost 1/2 of my inventory - WOW!  I realize I need to make more for an actual craft show I have on Pine Island the 2nd Saturday of February.  I think a larger selection would increase my sales.  I also need to make more jewelry.  That makes me happy!!!

It was a lot less work to just set-up in front of Wilbur.  Also,
now people know where to find me if they want to buy
additional jewelry or sea glass pictures!

We cleaned up, ate lunch, and then Ken took a short nap while I made 2 pairs of earrings that were ordered by ladies here in the CG.  I also sent an e-mail to our Small Group from LCBC to let them know what we will be doing at our 1st meeting next Friday morning to discuss the beginning of the book, The Purpose Drive Life.  After downloading photos and working on the blog we walked the finished earrings to the campsite of the lady who ordered them.  We spent almost an hour chatting with them.  It was a lot of fun.  When we returned to Wilbur, it was time to leave to meet 2 couples from our Small Group and Ron and Pam who moved to Florida from our home area at a restaurant 35 minutes from the CG.

We met at the Saltwater Cafe near Venice/Nokomis and had a fun time and delicious food in a great atmosphere.  Ken and I shared their medium pizza and it was absolutely delicious.  We were there from 7:30 to 9:45 and had a wonderful time sharing life.  On the way back, I had a nice chat with my sister.  She and John are now on a military base in San Antonio, Texas and having a good time.  Today they are meeting our special friends, Chuck and Melissa, at the Alamo and they will do some touring and then have lunch together.  I am a bit jealous.  I wish we were there to spend time with the 4 of them.  Miss all of you!!!  We went right to bed when we returned to Wilbur!

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