Friday, January 13, 2017

Another Beautifull Beach Day!

Ken spent time working on the computer and I decided to head to the pickleball courts at 8.  I was there till 9:45 and enjoyed playing about 5 games.  I started out fairly well (I hadn't played since the summer!) but the longer I played the worse I did!  It was rather frustrating.  I can only hope that the more I play with better players that I will see an improvement in my game!  Let's hope!

We packed a few snacks, drinks, the beach and bike bags and then loaded our bikes on Ernie's truck and the 4 of us were on our way to Nokomis Beach by 11:30.  Noela and I read while the "boys" took a long walk.  Eventually Noela and I did take a walk.  Jamie called on my walk back to my chair and we had such a nice conversation.  Their family was on the way to Rehobeth Beach for the weekend.  

The 4 of us got on our bikes and rode 4 1/2 miles on the beautiful Casey Key Road to enjoy a delicious meal on the outside deck of the Casey Key Fish House. It was Ken's 1st time to have grouper since arriving in Florida and he loved it. Ernie and Noela had not eaten here before and we were so excited to get probably the "best seat in the house" right on the water!  

Unbelievable landscaping....

....and huge homes (mansions)

Also spectacular views of the Gulf!

One of our favorite places to eat near Venice!

Not a bad setting for eating!

Fun to watch the boats go in and out!

Ken loved his blackened grouper salad!

We rode back to the beach, enjoying the huge, beautiful homes and gorgeous landscaping along the way.  

More views while riding along Casey Key Road.....

We returned to the beach to do some reading and then enjoyed the gorgeous sunset.  Ken had a wonderful chat with Lanie while viewing the sunset from the water's edge.

Sun still shining but getting close to sunset!

Quite a unique sailboat!

The beginning of the end of another great day!

Here goes the sun!!!

Love viewing a sunset from the beach!

We were back to the CG by 6 and decided we would not get together tonight to play games.  All of us were rather tired.  Ken and I watched some TV and then he read while I worked on the blog and downloaded photos.  Looking forward to watching some exciting football games this weekend!

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