Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Fun Weekend with Great Football!

Saturday morning was spent during the much needed laundry chore!  They have a nice facility here at Harbor Lakes that makes it easy to accomplish the task! Ken kept busy back at Wilbur!

After lunch, Ken and Ernie left for a 2 hour bike ride while Noela ad I went shopping.  We spent most of our time at Michaels where I got some really good buys on frames for my sea glass pictures.  Of course, we also had to check out Hobby Lobby, one of my favorite stores.

Ken and I spent the late afternoon and evening watching the play-off football games.  We did go over to Ernie and Noela between games and enjoyed a cup of tea while sitting outside by their new "gas" campfire.  It gives a very nice flame and throws some heat at the same time.  Back to Wilbur to watch New England beat Houston, not what I wanted to happen.  

Sunday morning Ken and I went to Edgewater Church and they had an amazing female guest pastor who gave a phenomenal message from her heart about Joy! She was so honest about the "curves" that were thrown at her family last year and what it took for her personally to get through it.  Both of us were overwhelmed by her willingness to share all of her feelings during that time and how we all go through periods of doubt and questioning God.  I could listen to her over and over.  The 1st thing she did when she got up to preach was remove her shoes - she said she is on Holy Ground and her shoes just "have to go"!

After Church, we picked up some additional groceries at Wal-Mart (how can we possibly need more?) and then spent the early part of the afternoon reorganizing Wilbur both inside and out.  We still have not gotten used to the fact that we will be in one place for our entire stay in Florida!  You just want to have everything easily accessible but also in the proper "space"!  I also got set-up inside to spend the late afternoon and evening making sea glass pictures.  

I spent some time with Noela helping her with a jewelry project and then it was time to have fun with my sea glass while watching the 2 amazing football games and happily, both of my teams won!  What great and exciting games.  Ernie and Noela did stop by for 2 short visits during the games.

It was a late night for this gal but I enjoyed how relaxing it was and that I had time to do some "crafting"!

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