Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Fun Weekend in Florida!

Jamie called before I left to play Pickleball.  She had chatted with us on Friday to share concerns about their dog, Lula.  Lula had bitten Cali on Thursday near her eye and although stitches weren't needed, it was rather traumatic for the family.  Friday evening Jamie and Dane had a long talk with their dog trainer and after taking to some of her dog trainer friends, she told Jamie and Dane that they all felt her behavior could be changed, but not her temperament. They believed that Lula could not be trusted to be around children and that she should probably be removed from their house.  Long story short, today (Sunday) after some serious discussions, the shedding of tears, and explaining all of this to Bria ad Cali, Lula left their house and will be "adopted" by the dog trainer.  Everyone was so thankful that the trainer was willing to take her.  She has 2 dogs that Lula loves to play with and Faith does not have children, so it is the perfect place for Lula.   It goes without saying that it has been a stressful and sad weekend for the Burkholders!

After our talk with Jamie, I headed to the pickleball courts and since their were only 8 of us, I got to play lots of games - some great and some not so great, but I had fun!  Ken and Ernie took a 1 1/2 hour bike ride.  When I got back to Wilbur, I did my blog, vacuumed and then helped Noela make a sea glass pendant and a pair of earrings.  After lunch I started making a windchime made out of beads, sea glass, and a bell I had bought in Arizona. 

The 4 of us drove to Jelks Preserve to do some hiking and get some nice views of the Myakka River.  We got to see armadillos (aren't they unique?) along our hike. Some interesting red color on the trees and beautiful air plants.

It is a well maintained Preserve with beautiful foliage!

Don't they almost look prehistoric??

Yet their tail looks like a raccoon.  

Also saw several turtles during our walk!

Pretty, huh???

Our 1st view of the Myakka River!
Looks like a postcard!

The red lichen on this tree was very pretty, but probably not
too good for the tree.  Okay, Polly, give me some insight!

Noela and I are enjoying relaxing by the Myakka River!

Beautiful air plants!

Looks like the wild hogs were having fun digging!

We were back to the CG by 5:30 and after dinner we had a nice phone conversation with Samantha (Katelyn was already in bed!).  We spent several hours with Ernie and Noela playing Uno, which the women won.  Talked to Cindy when we got back and she had talked with Dad.  He seemed to be doing well and told us to stop worrying about him and just enjoy ourselves!  What a guy!!!

Today, Sunday, Ken and I went to Edgewater Church and then stopped at Wal-Mart (again!) for a few needed items. Stopped by Ernie and Noela's to chat and decide what to do today before the football games  So, from 1:30 to 2:30 the 4 of us played shuffleboard with the women being victorious.  That makes the "series" tied at 1 to 1.

Ken and I spent late afternoon and evening watching football, but both games were rather disappointing, especially the Steelers game.  I finished my windchimes during the 1st game, made some healthy banana/raisin cookies with no flour or sugar, and then made earrings during the Steelers game.  Ernie and Noela stopped by after the 1st game and then returned for some of the 2nd half of the Steelers game.  They left near the end of the game and I worked on this blog.

Hard to tell, but I used lots of different beads,
seaglass, and the bell I bought in Cottonwood,
AZ.  I am anxious to hang it outside!

Lulu did go to her new home around 11:00 AM today.  Jamie had written a tear jerking post on Facebook but feels that there is a purpose and life lesson in all they have gone through with Lula in the 8 months she was part of their lives. She is not sure what all those lessons are, but feels they will be revealed in the future!

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