Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Rainy Saturday and Cold, Windy Sunday!

It starting raining late Friday night and continued off and on Saturday morning. It was a great time to relax and do some needed catching up.  Ken had a long conversation with Dane, our son-in-law while I had a good conversation with my sister, Cindy.  John and Cindy had left PA around 6 AM heading towards Kings Bay Naval Base in Georgia.  They had some bad weather on I-95, snow, ice, and cold.  Fortunately even though the drive was rather slow at times, they did make it to Florence, SC when I checked in with her around 6 PM.  

Ken did some work on the computer and I had time to make some jewelry.  We picked up Ernie and Noela at noon and drove about 45 minutes to Sweet Tomato near Sarasota.  We did make a quick stop at RV World at Venice where Ken and I were able to buy a water filter for under the kitchen sink for $39.90. Everywhere else we checked was much more expensive, including Lazydays that wanted $65.00.  Really?????

Of course we had a meal at Sweet Tomato, one of our favorite places to eat here in Florida.  Their salad bar is huge and so fresh, all 7 of their soups are made from scratch, as well as their delicious dessert bar and muffins. Unfortunately we always eat too much!  From there we drove about 7 miles to do some shopping at Costco.  What a day - Sweet Tomato and Costco. It is hard to beat that combination!!

I did talk to my mother (they are doing very well) and to Lanie.  She has not had any headaches since the Thursday before Christmas and we are so thankful. Poor Samantha has been having trouble with very itchy hives but did get some special steroid cream from the Dr. that appears to be helping.  

We were back to the CG by 5 and decided we would get together at Wilbur around 7:00.  Ken and I did enjoy watching some of the football game.  We had a fun evening playing Skip-Bo and Racko, with the women winning both games! Since arriving at the CG, the men have not won any games - WOW! Noela and I are hoping to continue our winning streak!

We woke this morning to lots of wind and cold - 37 degrees!  I thought this was Florida!!  Well, it is a lot better than the weather and temperatures in PA! The strong winds continued all day, but it did get to the mid to upper 50's.  Ken and I went to Edgewater UM Church, one we have attended numerous times when in this area.  This church has about 700 members and 4 services each weekend. They have such a phenomenal outreach for the community and Ken really enjoys their Celebrate Recovery.  He is planning to get involved with this church while we are here this winter!

After church, Ken and I went to Winn Dixie for some groceries and to Wal-Mart to find some yoga pants for Ken.  He is planning to take some Christian yoga classes at the church.  We spent the afternoon inside Wilbur watching the Steelers win their game while I made jewelry and Ken did some reading and watching!  Ken also made us salads for today and tomorrow - what a guy! After the game we took a walk around part of the CG and then Ken grilled while I cleaned up my "jewelry mess".  We also watched the Packers/Giants game.

At 7 we went over to Ernie and Noela's and played Uno.  That is a game the 4 of us had not played together.  It had been quite awhile since Ken and I played it, so I had to read the directions and review that rules.  We had a fun time.  

Tomorrow will be another cooler day with gusty winds, so we have no plans in the morning and will talk after lunch.

I did talk to Joyce today.  Rick and Joyce are in our small church group at home and in October bought a home here in Venice, only about 35 minutes from our CG.  We plan to get with them on Wednesday to see their new home and spend some time together.

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