Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Beautiful Day in Port Charlotte!

Ken was up by 6:30 but I only got up around 8.  I am still recovering from all the hours on the road and some of the trying times on Tuesday, but today was a great recovery day!

After breakfast, Ernie came to borrow Ken's ladder so he could go on the roof of his 5th wheel to see if he could find a reason for the leaking.  The ladder was "buried" in the basement of Waldo, so it took some time to retrieve it!  I did some work on the computer, talked to Lanie and my sister, and then Ken and I worked together to put out my 100 feet of rope lighting!  We decided to just put it around the cement pad and then decorate the tree on our campsite - looks good!

We packed a light lunch and by noon we were on our way to Manasota Beach. It was a beautiful, sunny day with a high temperature in the mid to upper 70's. So good to be on the beach again.  We found a few shark's teeth but they were rather small.  We also enjoyed having time to relax and read.

Our 1st view of the beach!

Not overly crowded!

Ready for reading and relaxing!

Ernie and Noela came to the beach for about 1 hour but only brought towels. They spent almost the entire time walking, but right before we left Noela took a dip in the ocean (water temp. was 70, not warm enough for this gal!)

Ernie and Noela looking for shark's teeth and just strolling!

Saw this sign on a pick-up truck when driving back from
the beach!  What is that about?????

When we returned to the CG at 5:15, Ken and I decided it was time to christen Waldo.  For the last 24 hours or so, it appears that everything inside and out is working properly.  I say that knocking on wood!  I won't begin to list all of the issues we have had with Waldo since we purchased him, it would be way tooooo long!  We bought him new so we wouldn't have any major problems, but that didn't work out very well!  So, we decided that in 2017, we would retire Waldo, christen it, and give him a new life with a new name.  Since we live in Lititz where Wilbur Chocolate is made, we decided that would be his new name and new beginning.  We broke a Wilbur Bar over him and now we will refer to our Winnebago Motorhome as Wilbur.  Hopefully he will be much "healthier"!

This is our campsite that backs up to the canal.  There is a sign
at the back that warns us to watch our for the alligators!

Note the lights on the tree!

It is a deep and wide campsite.  Hey, that would make a
great song!!!

Christening Wilbur with a Wilbur Chocolate Bar!

After a delicious grilled dinner, Ernie and Noela came over and we played Racko with the women being victorious.  

It is so good to be back in sunny Florida with special friends!

Looking Good!!!

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  1. We have had 4 rvs in our life, all bought new, all have had problems. You learn roll with it or give up our lifestyle. It can be VERY frustrating. We still love what we are doing.