Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Our First Full Day at Harbor Lakes!

Ken was up by 6:30 but I never rolled out of bed till about 7:45 - so tired.  Both of the main slides were closed and I told Ken I could not live in Waldo another 90 days if we didn't have the slides working.  I can't believe how confined we are when one of the isn't operational!

We went to the office at 9, got our paperwork, and asked if the tree could be trimmed.  They said they would have that taken care of!  So we took a little walk around the CG and who should we see, but Bill and Donna who we see every year when we are in Florida because both of us moved every couple weeks.  They are here at Harbor Lakes for 3 months too!  We sat and talked with them for about an hour and had such a nice visit.  They are from PA also!

When we got back to Waldo they tree had been nicely trimmed and we were able to put out the slides and the awning!  I spent 3 hours organizing and cleaning up the inside while Ken unloaded the remaining items in the car and found a place in the basement of Waldo for everything.  When finished I realized how excited I am that we will not be packing up to move every 2 weeks - we are here for the next 3 months and everything has a place and will stay there!

After lunch, Ken took a nap while I worked on the computer. Then it was time to do a little more clean-up and organization.  Things are looking good!

Ernie and Noela arrived at their site, 2 from us, around 5 after driving 7 hours today.  They have traveled 1,800 miles since early Monday morning.  That is a lot of miles and hours!  Because it was near sunset, we gave them about an hour to get set-up before walking down to welcome them.  It was so good to see them again.  Of course they are tired and and a bit frustrated.  They had the roof of their 5th wheel repaired before they came out west because they had a leaking issue.  When they picked it up today after having it in storage in Brunswick, GA there were signs that it had leaked again.  Nothing major, but still a problem.  

After chatting for a little, we came back to Waldo and enjoyed the salads I had made earlier today and the leftover pizza we had saved from dinner at Exit 10 at Lazydays last evening.  We relaxed watching some TV.

Ernie and Noela came to visit for about an hour and we had a great time "catching up" on what happened the last month while we were at our homes. They left around 9:45 and we went to bed.   

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