Monday, January 23, 2017

A Varied Weather Day!

I had stayed up late reading and downloading photos, so I only got up around 8 and it felt good!  Ken and I had an hour talk with Jamie regarding their weekend and how the family was handling the departure of Lula.  Of course there are sad, tearful times, but all in all they seem to be doing well.  

I also talked to Dad and Mom and he is continuing to have the stabbing pains off and on.  Fortunately they only last for a few seconds, but they do take is breath away.  Hopefully they can find out what is causing the pain and do something about it.  He is definitely not a candidate for any type of surgery, so treatment can be somewhat limited.  They are doing some hot compresses 3X's a day for a week in case it is another fistula problem.  Tomorrow a different Dr. is checking him, so we will see what the next course of action will be.

Ernie and Noela stopped by to see if we wanted to make plans for today, but we all realized it was so weather dependent.  We woke to sunshine, but off and on there were showers and still the very gusty winds.  Not a very good day for spending time outdoors.  We did decide to head to the beach after lunch to see what "treasures" might have been blown to shore.  So, I dusted and scoured Wilbur and Ken vacuumed.  Then I worked on my blog. 

By 1:30 we had light rain 2 more times, so what to do??????  At 2 the sun was shining again and the 4 of us drove to the beach at Englewood, about 25 minutes north of the CG.  I have never seen the water so rough on the Gulf!  The winds gusted to between 40 and 50 miles per hour so the beach was an interesting place! Ken found lots of sharks teeth, but most of them were fairly small.  After being blown around for about 1 1/4 hours, we went back to the CG.  Showers felt amazing.

After dinner, Ken left for his Celebrate Recovery Meeting.  I decided to wash the floors in Waldo, a much needed task!  Then it was time to finish this blog.  I planned to do some jewelry making or sea glass pictures, but I just didn't feel like it - too much effort to get everything out that was needed to be creative!

Just thought I would share some of the seaglass pictures I have completed.  I was the photographer, so I apologize for the quality of the photos.  They would have been much better if Ken would have taken them. 

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