Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Monday and Tuesday! Weather is Getting Very Nice!

Yesterday, Monday, it was only 38 degrees when we got up!  What is that about???  We both did some devotions and after breakfast, we listened to a sermon by Rick Warren regarding the book, The Purpose Driven Life!  Our church at home is doing the 40 day study of that book and Ken and I will be leading our small group for a more in depth study of the book.  We will meet here in Florida since all of the couples in our small group are spending at least 2 months of the winter in this area.  We will be close enough to get together, probably about 1X a week.

After lunch, the 4 of us went in their truck to RV World near Venice, because Ken and I needed to get a new holder for our shower head.  Ernie and Noela wanted to check-out a few items also.  Then we took a walk around the park near Sharkey's in Venice.

Beautiful trail around the lake!

A nice view of the Gulf!

The pier at Sharkey's Pub!

Hardly looks real!!!

A Great Blue Heron enjoying the sunshine!

After our walk we headed to The Rookery to check out what birds might be nesting there.  We enjoyed seeing the blue heron and their babies.

The baby blue heron is fairly large!

Actually, there were 3 babies!  What fur balls!

Time for dinner!

Great White Egrets

Don't you just love their plumage!  It almost looks like that
of a peacock, without the colors!

These look like ducks except for their skinny legs.  Would ducks
line up on a fence!

The Rookery is a very nice area and we hope to return
near sunset!

After a stop at Wal-Mart (we should soon have everything we need!), we were back to Wilbur by 5:15.  Ken grilled a delicious steak for me while I made some quinoa and black beans.  After dinner, Ken went to Edgewater Church for his Celebrate Recovery meeting.  I give him so much credit, as it is hard to go to a meeting where you might only know 1 person.  That will change during the winter, but it is hard at the beginning.

I was so disappointed that we couldn't get the Alabama/Clemson game!  It must have been a nail biter and so exciting!  I spent time making earrings.  We were in bed by 10:15.

Today, Tuesday, it was still rather chilly when we got up, but by 11, it was in the upper 50's and eventually was 73 with lots of sunshine!  Yeah Florida!!!!  After breakfast and a great phone conversation with Lanie, Ken and I went to visit Ernie and Noela and we discussed all of our plans for the next 3 days.  Both of us had some errands to run, so we said we will meet for games this evening.

Ken and I left the CG and after Ken dropped me off at Hobby Lobby he went to wash the CRV and get gas.  I needed some jewelry making supplies as well as heavy poster boards and frames for making my seaglass pictures.  I also went to Dollar Tree for some greeting cards and checked out the Goodwill Store for frames.

We ate lunch outside and then worked together to cut the poster board to fit into the picture frames.  Ken went to yoga at Edgewater and I worked on this blog and thought I would work on seaglass pictures, but that never happened.

Ernie stopped by and asked if I wanted to join them and their friends from other years here at Harbor Lakes for Happy Hour.  So, I walked down to Bill and Carol's campsite, about 6 from Ken and I and had a fun time fellowshipping with their friends.  Ken and I had met them last year, but a "refresher course" was needed.  Ken joined us when he returned from his much appreciated yoga class.

We came back to Wilbur around 5:45 to start making dinner.  Ken grilled chicken and I made salads.  Ernie and Noela came over to play games.  It was a fun evening with the men winning Skip-Bo and the women Racko.

We are still trying to figure out a reasonable schedule during our time here in Florida.  It is so different to be staying at the same CG the entire 90 days, plus I still think we are recuperating from all the driving, the stress at Lazydays, the rain and colder weather during our 1st several days here in Florida, etc.  I also want to start playing pickleball at 8 in the morning, but I am not sure how that fits into each morning!  I am certain we will figure it out soon!

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