Sunday, January 1, 2017

Florida Here We Come!

Ken woke at 4:45 and had trouble going back to sleep.   He acted like someone snoring made it impossible for him to snooze any longer!  Wonder who that was????  So he woke me a 5:15 and we got ready to leave for Florida.  We packed up a few last minute items and were on our way by 6:15.    It was 38 degrees.

Our 1st stop was about 45 minutes from home where we stopped for hot chocolate and a soda for Ken.  For some reason, both of us needed the rest stops more today than usual, maybe all the water, soda and hot tea we drank at our New Years Eve Party had something to do with it.

We stopped at our favorite Denny's just south of Richmond, VA around 9:45 and shared the make your own Slam!  As usual, it was delicious.

It started to rain when we got to South Carolina and after getting to Exit 53 and 625 miles from home, it was 5:30 and we decided it was time to stop.  We are spending the night at a Best Western in Walterboro, SC and enjoyed walking to the nearby Ruby Tuesday for a delicious dinner.  Their salad bar was exceptional.

We spent the evening relaxing and watching TV.  It is supposed to be about 56 degrees at 7 AM and that is about the time we hope to be back on the road.  If all goes well, we plan to be sleeping in Waldo tomorrow night at Lazydays in Tampa, FL. where it is predicted to be in the low 80's - YES!

I did have a wonderful time talking to many friends, family members, and fellow campers while we traveled today and "catching up" on where they are and what is going on in their lives. 

Sorry, no photos today!

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