Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday - Cloudy, Foggy Morning, But Beautiful Afternoon!

Ken and I had a relaxing morning of doing devotions, making an omelette breakfast, and then he worked on the computer and I made some jewelry.  I stopped by Ernie and Noela's on the way to the office to check for mail.

After lunch we spent time visiting with some friends of Ernie and Noela's here in the park and then the 4 of us left at 2:15 for a bike ride on the Cape Haze Trail about 5 miles from the CG.  It was a great day for riding - not overly hot and just a light breeze.  We rode about 11 1/2 miles.

Trails don't get much straighter or more level!

It is good to be back together!

Along the way we saw the eagles with their eaglets -

Time to eat!

Here you go!

Look over there.  Daddy just took off!

Momma waiting for daddy to return with the grub!

a beautiful bird (don't know what kind?) -

a gopher tortoise -

cormorants - 

I think these 2 are in love!

and white pelicans -

It was a fun ride!  Back to the CG and Ken checked his e-mails and I downloaded photos and worked on this blog.  After dinner we went to Ernie and Noela's and played Skip-Bo.  The women won again!  Yes!!!!!

Tomorrow includes a trip to Costco and lunch at Sweet Tomatoes.  Now that will be a good day!!!!!

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