Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Relaxing Tuesday and Then a Day at the Tampa RV Show!Sh

Tuesday I played pickleball while Ken and Ernie went on a walk.  I played a lot better today and really had a good time.  Only 1 problem, I fell when trying to make a shot off my backhand.  Not quite sure what happened, but I think I stumbled over my own feet.  I knew I was going down, but there was nothing I could do.  I stumbled for 3 steps, my paddle flew out of my hand, landed on my knees, but not blood or scraps - WOW!  I felt so fortunate that I was able to get right back up and continue playing.  I did break my fall a little with my hand which caused a stiffness to my upper arm, but no big deal.  I guess the calcium I take for my bones is helping!!!!!

We did some work on the computer and then Ken and I drove to Costco for a few items including flowers for our service technician, Samantha, at Lazydays. Ken was also very patient and cooperative stopping at Hobby Lobby for a few more items I needed!  Upon our return, we did some addition clean-up in Wilbur, made dinner, and then Ernie and Noela were here from 7:30 to 9:45 to play Racko (women won) and Skip-Bo which was a victory for the men.

Today, Wednesday, we left the CG at 8:30 for the 1 1/2 hour drive to Tampa for the huge RV Show at the Florida State Fairgrounds.  Our 1st stop was Lazydays to deliver the flowers to Samantha.  She said she really needed them to brighten her day for it has been a stressful week so far. 

Our phenomenal service rep, Samantha Watson!  We appreciate
her so much!

We showed Ernie and Noela around Lazydays (they had never been there) and then we went to Parkesdale Market, another place that was a 1st for them. After buying our fruits and veggies, both couples bought their absolutely delicious strawberry shortcake sundae complete with ice cream and whipped cream and an unbelievable fresh strawberry milkshake!

Waiting in line to order our strawberry treats!

So many good choices!  What to get??????

It looks so good!

Of course the sundae needs lots of whipped cream!

Wow!  It was even better than it looks and that is saying a lot!

Then it was time to drive to the RV Show.  We arrived around 12:30 and it was so full, probably because it was Senior Day!  There appears to be lots of "seniors" in Florida this time of year!  We went our separate ways for the 1st 2 hours and Ken and I were able to connect with our camping friends, Richard and Bonnie Waltman.  She had asked if I could send her our itinerary from our 2 trips out west and I had printed them and taken them with me to the RV Show hoping they would be there.  I called her when we got there and sure enough they were here today.  We had a nice chat with them and I was able to give them the printed information.

Waiting our turn to tour this Prevost for 2 1/2 million!
Actually Ken and I decided not to wait in line and went
off to tour more reasonably priced RV's!

The Florida State Fairgrounds is a huge property and there
were people and RV's everywhere!

They had some interesting musical entertainment!

We met up with Ernie and Noela and they showed us the motorhome that they think would meet their needs.  They also liked the floor plan of Wilbur but not in a hurry to make any decision, just trying to get some ideas.  The 4 of us went through the vendor building where Ken and I had the opportunity to see and chat with Josh Phillips, our friendly and helpful Thousands Trails rep.  We were so happy to see him again.

On the way back to the CG we stopped at Ruby Tuesday's for salads, getting back around 8:30, a 12 hour day.  By now we were tired and ready to call it a day.  

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