Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Busy Day of Prepping for Heading Home!

Ken and I were up at 7:30, got ready and made a delicious cooked breakfast. After cleaning up, we decided to decide what clothing we needed to take home. We will leave all of our summer clothes here, since it is way tooooo cold in PA for shorts and sleeveless tops!

We left the CG around 10 and drove to Venice Beach, parked the car, and starting walking towards the south jetty.  It was another beautiful morning with plenty of sunshine, breezy and temperatures in the mid 80's.  Without the breeze it would have been very hot!!!

We enjoyed walking along the beach and then spending some time on the jetty where we watched some dolphins "leaping" out of the water several times. Unfortunately, Ken wasn't able to get a photo of the action.

This is Venice Beach

More walking along the beach to the Jetty!

This is the south jetty a beautiful place to watch a sunset!

It was very windy and the water much rougher than usual!

It was extremely windy and you could sense how tough it was for the boaters and those in kayaks to maneuver in the water.

The kayak were going swiftly through the water with the wind.
Good luck on the return trip!!!!  It may take a lot longer!

We came back to the main beach via the sidewalks viewing the marinas and all the condos, etc.  

I think these are Christmas coconuts!

Very colorful!

When we got to Venice Beach we decided to walk out to the water and whom should we see but Feather Man as Ken calls him.  He was always at the Drum Circle on Nokomis Beach but in March and when we were there last week we didn't see him.  One of the drummers told us he now a part of the drum circle on Venice Beach.  So, we were happy to see he was still around the area and "doing his thing".

So good to see "feather man" again!

Not sure what he does, maybe Tai Chi?  It is very meaningful
to him and to others!

We arrived back at the CG around noon and the work began.  Ken spent hours working outside putting things away, cleaning the grill, loading things in the car and in the basement of Waldo, loading our bikes, etc.  I worked inside packing up some food we need to take home, the rest of the clothes that go back to PA, cleaning out cabinets, and then putting things in safe places while Waldo is at Lazydays.  After that, I started cleaning Waldo.  We had planned to play some shuffleboard, but it got too late for that!!!!

Ken also did lots of paperwork for insurance for Waldo and our vehicles.  It was a crazy, busy day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be less hectic since we got so much done today.  We will need to defrost the refrigerator and freezer.

Called it an early night...  what a great time we have had at the Venice area.

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