Friday, November 13, 2015

Another Great Day!

We were up at 6:45, had a great cooked breakfast and got ready to play pickleball again.  We all love playing the game.

We left at 8 and again we had to play on the lined tennis courts.  These people in Florida really love their pickleball!  It was less humid this morning and we had a lot of fun.

We left the courts around 9:45 and drove to a nearby Wal-Mart for needed groceries.  We were back to the CG at 10:45 and decided we would leave for Nokomis Beach around 11:30.  Till we got showers, put all the groceries away, and packed our lunches, it was time to leave again.  

Nokomis Beach was gorgeous today with lots of sunshine and not quite as hot as the last few days.  All of us took walks on the beach, ate lunch, and did some reading.  We left at 2:40 and went right back to the CG.

Showers were needed again.  Chuck and Ken left at 3:45 to play Bocce with the men in the CG.  Melissa and I got food ready to take to Barb and Ray's for a 5:00 Happy Hour with some other friends of theirs that are here in the CG.  We met Barb and Ray several years ago in this CG when we were parked beside each other and then visited them when we were in Maine.  It is so nice to reconnect and introduce Chuck and Melissa to them.

Barb is the lovely lady sitting next to me.  She always
has such a nice smile and great outlook on life!

Ray is holding their dog!

So glad Chuck and Melissa had the chance to meet
Barb and Ray!

Ray and Barb gave a "shot glass" of Moxie soda to anyone
who wanted to try it.  Ken and I had heard of it but never
had a taste.  It has the flavor of root beer, just a bit stronger

The 4 of us left there around 7 and walked back to Chuck and Melissa's RV to play games.  It was another very successful night for the men.  We finished around 9 because all of us were tired from a busy, but great day!

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