Sunday, November 29, 2015

We Have Been Home 1 Week and It Has Been Crazy, But Great!

Well, we have certainly been on the move since returning to PA! 

Last Sunday we went to church where we celebrated seeing Jamie and her family, getting big hugs and kisses from them.  We also had breakfast with our small group and had such a good time catching up and just having fun socializing.  We did go home to get a short rest before driving 45 minutes to visit Lanie and her family.  Another wonderful time of visiting and sharing and getting to see all of them.  Got needed groceries on the way home.

Monday I actually spent the day at home (all day) working on jewelry making because I had a craft show this Saturday and another one next Saturday.  I needed to build up the inventory!  Ken had breakfast with his friend, Gary and then did some necessary errands!  He spent the afternoon working at his desk and going through our accumulated mail. I got to spend the evening at home but Ken went to a meeting at church.  I was able to get many pieces of jewelry made!

Tuesday I had my 1st dermatology appointment ever, and I figured the Dr. would have a "hay day" with all my spots and what I thought might be abnormalities.  Actually there was only 1 area that concerned her, and I thought that one wasn't even an issue.  She numbed my lip and "scrapped" off a white area on my lower lip and then cauterized it.  It wouldn't stop bleeding so a bit more novacain was needed and more cauterizing.  Not my favorite thing!  I should get the result of the biopsy this week, but hopefully it will be fine and there will be nothing else to do!  I did some shopping and then at 3 Ken and I left for Jamie's where we met Bria and Cali at the bus stop.  They went with us to get little gifts to put in the Samaritan Purse shoeboxes that we filled and then returned to the church to be sent overseas.  Bria and Cali were good helpers when selecting the gifts for 5 to 9 year old girls.   Home for dinner and then more jewelry making.

Wednesday morning was prep time for making a jello salad and our traditional potato stuffing for Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was a gorgeous, mild day, so Ken and I took a long walk.  After lunch we went to visit my parents for an afternoon of card playing.  Dad is doing well mentally, but his legs are so weak and no longer able to "hold him up".  So, he is totally dependent on the nursing staff for getting him our of bed and moving him from a chair to his electric wheelchair. He has never shown signs of depression until now, especially with winter coming and he will not be able to go outdoors.  Sad to see and experience!  So good to spend time with them again and they certainly love when we come and play cards.

Thanksgiving Day was so much fun and our daughter, Jamie, is definitely the hostess with the mostest!!!!  We  had such a nice day with her family and Sue and Dan, her in-laws.  The men sat outside (it was warm and sunny) watching the turkey cook in peanut oil in the fryer.  What a tough job!  All the food was delicious as well as the hospitality.  Jamie makes it look so easy and relaxing, but she really goes all out with the food and drinks. 

After our big dinner, Sue and Dan had to leave but the 6 of us walked to the Ephrata Park so the girls could burn up some energy and have fun on the climbing wall and the monkey bars.

They were so happy to walk to the park!

Love the "rock wall".....

....and the monkey bars!
Even mommy, daddy and Grandma got in on the fun!

Then the girls decided to go on the stage of the band shell and do a little show for us -

We left there at 5 and went to the home of Cindy's daughter, Michele (my niece) for the evening to visit with Cindy's children and their families. There was a beautiful sunset while we were driving -

 It was so good to see all of them again.

This is Cindy's son TW, his wife Arlena, and their son Bennett.
Arlena is due to deliver twins anytime!

This is my sister Cindy, her husband John, and grandson

Black Friday is not a shopping day for this gal.  I left home at 6:45 to meet my Curvette friends for breakfast.  We had a lot of fun and I was happy to reconnect with all of them.  Ken spent the morning working at his desk and after breakfast I stopped at K-Mart for a few small items and at Turkey Hill for my free hot chocolate and cheap poinsettias.  Ken had lunch with Kevin and I did more jewelry making.  When he returned we went for a 5 mile walk, checking out the new section of the rail trail here in Lititz.  After dinner Ken loaded the car for the craft show while I made additional jewelry.

Yesterday, Saturday, we were up at 5:45 for our craft show at Northern Lebanon High School and my sister, Cindy, had the space right next to us.  It was fun to spend the day together.  I am so blessed to have such a supportive husband who enjoys going to the shows with me and is such a helper.  He is my best advocate!  After a good show, we returned home by 4:15 and we were exhausted.  We both took a nap, then had more leftovers for dinner.  Doloris and Fred arrived at 7:15 and we were so happy to see them.  We "caught up" on each others lives and then played Hause (women won) and a game of Skip-Bo which the men won.  All of us were tired and called it a night around 10:15. We really enjoy spending time with them.

Today, Sunday, we went to church and were able to spend time with Jamie and her family and our small group.  We stopped for a few groceries before meeting our small group at Evergreen Restaurant for breakfast.  More sharing and just having a good time.  We were home by 12:30 and Ken read the paper before taking a nap.  I recorded expenses on our budget program (how can we spend so much money is beyond me!) and then I started more jewelry making.  Need more inventory for my show this coming Saturday. We watched football (what happened, Steelers?), had more delicious leftovers for dinner, and making jewelry and watching football continued.  By 10:15 we were in bed.

Like I said, we have only been home for 7 days, but we have managed to keep extremely busy.  That's a good thing!!!!!

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