Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Relaxing Day at Manasota Beach!

Ken went to the LR earlier than me, but we were both up and getting ready by 7:45.  We had  lighter breakfast and then Ken went with Chuck to a local hardware store.  Chuck wanted to get some silicone to try to seal his driver's window. They think there is a spot that was not sealed completely and it allowed the carpet to get damp occasionally when there was a hard rain.

I went to see if Barb and Ray were at their 5th wheel this morning, but they had already gone somewhere.  Ken and I met them several years ago when we camped here and they were beside us.  Then when we camped with Sam and Kathy in Maine, Barb and Ray's home state, we met them for lunch and took a walk on one of their favorite beaches looking for seaglass. We will try to spend sometime with them during the 2 weeks we are here.

Chuck's silicone job took more time then he anticipated, so they suggested we head to the beach and they would meet us there later.  Ken and I left at 10:15 to go to Manasota Beach, one of our favorites.  I talked to Neil and Nancy Savage on the way and their time working at Amazon in Kentucky is going fairly well.  

As soon as we got there, Ken went on a 3 hour walk looking for shark's teeth.  I planned to go with him, but I kept stopping looking for pieces of shells for my jewelry and for shark's teeth. Ken was exhausted when we met back at our chairs around 1:30 and ate our packed lunch.  We had gotten a text from Melissa that the job really took a lot longer than they thought so after they ate lunch, they headed to the pool at the CG. 

Ken and I spent time reading, relaxing, and actually taking naps, Ken's a bit longer than mine.  Then we decided to try to find some more shark's teeth using Ken's "Florida snow shovel".  We were not too successful.  We left the beach around 5 and had a great time.

A lot less people on the beach in November than
January, February and March!

It was around 90 degrees and so sunny!

A perfect beach day!

I was so happy to be on this beach looking for shell pieces
and shark's teeth!

The cloud formations were incredible!

Stopped for gas and were back to the CG by 5:30.  We showered and then Ken grilled some chicken, a pork chop, and a piece of salmon.  I warmed up the quinoa and black beans and we had salads.  We enjoyed eating outside watching the crazy Ole Miss vs. Arkansas game.  What a finish!!

Chuck and Melissa came over at 7:30 and we played Pinochle (W), Spades (W),
and then Skip-Bo (M).  It was a fun evening ending at 10.

What a nice day!

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