Friday, November 20, 2015

On the Road Again, but Not in Waldo!

Ken and I were up at 6 and got ready to depart for home.  By 6:30 Ken was outside unhooking all the utilities and I left to go to a nearby Race Trac gas station to get us breakfast sandwiches and for some delicious mint hot chocolate for me.  We hooked the CRV to Waldo and were on our way out of the CG by 7:15.  It was already hot and humid!

We got onto Interstate 75 with Lazydays our destination.  All went well until we got within 6 miles of the exit for Interstate 4 for Lazydays and due to an accident it took us 1 hour to go those 6 miles.  We arrived at 9:30, Ken unhooked our CRV, we had our appointment with our service adviser, Samantha, and were back on the road by 10:40, leaving Waldo there!  Google advised us to take Interstate 4 instead of 75 due to some traffic congestion where there was some major road construction.  Of course, we got into some heavy traffic around Orlando and Jacksonville, where we passed 3 major accidents in less than a mile.  More slow traffic.  We actually saw 7 accidents during our drive today - wow!  We stopped at one Rest Area, 1 time for gas, and at a Subway for lunch.  Other than that, Ken just kept driving!

We drove a total of 520 miles arriving at Exit 119 in South Carolina at 7:30. What a long day!  We decided we were too tired to go out for dinner.  So we ate some snacks we had brought with us - peanut butter crackers and some fruit. Hopefully the hotel will provide a good breakfast tomorrow morning.

I did talk to my sister today (Dad has a UTI and it had him very confused), then my mother who said dad is on some antibiotics and doing much better, and then to Melissa.  They left Alliance today after staying there 5 nights to get some work done on their Motorhome and drove to just south of Atlanta.  They plan on being in Nashville on Sunday.  Ken had a nice chat with our daughter, Jamie, and we are anxious to see our children, granddaughters, etc. 

We are planning to be home later tomorrow, but we still have 580 miles to travel before arriving in Lititz.  Hopefully traffic will flow more smoothly.  We have no timeline for being home, so if it takes till Sunday that will be okay!  We plan to be on the road again around 7:15 with about 10 hours of driving.  We shall see!

I am excited to get back home but I am not looking forward to the cooler weather.  I am definitely a Florida type weather gal!

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