Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Full Day of Church, Shopping, and Relaxing!

Ken and I got up at 8:30 after listening to a You Tube video of Andy Stanley of the first segment of a series entitled, "Weird".  If you have never listened to him, he is a great Christian speaker that has such a way with words and examples when trying to make a point.  Plus, he never has any notes!!!!  Our small group at Church has used some of his video series as a Bible study and find him very thought provoking and knows how to help you "grow".

The 4 of us left at 10 to go to Suncoast Church, about 20 minutes from our CG. We have been there several times and find it very close to the type worship service we have at LCBC at home.  We really enjoy going there.

After Church, we drove towards Sarasota to have lunch at a great place, Sweet Tomato.  It is a huge salad bar (almost anything you can think of), plus they offer 7 homemade soups, fresh muffins and breads, some pasta dishes, pizza, etc.  Then they offer desserts and soft ice cream.  They have very good food at a very reasonable price.

Then the shopping began.  We went to Total Wine, a huge liquor and wine store, Costco, and finished up at Wal-Mart.  Ken and I are being careful what we buy since we are leaving a week from Friday and Waldo is going to Lazydays for some warranty work.  That means we have to defrost the refrigerator and any food that is left has to go home with us in a cooler bag.  Obviously, freezer items will either be given away or go to the garbage.  Food management is becoming important!!!!

We were back to the CG around 3:30 and even though it was warm and humid, it was a bit cloudy.  I talked to my sister to see how she did at the Craft Show in Hershey PA yesterday.  It was a very profitable show for her and she took our mother along for the day.  They had a good time and mother enjoyed doing something so different from her normal routine.  

After all the groceries were in their proper location, I went to visit our friends, Barb and Ray here in the CG.  Ray was playing Bocce but I had a great visit with Barb.  So good to see her again.  We are planning to get together while we are at this CG.

Ken and I went over to Chuck and Melissa's around 5 to watch the Colts vs. the Broncos.  We were not able to get it on our TV but they could pick it up via satelite.  The boys watched the game while on their phones and i-pads and Melissa and I played Scrabble and Word Nerd.  We were very disappointed that Denver lost that game.  We did take time to have a few snacks.

After the game, we played Pinochle and the men were the winners.  It was 9:00 when we finished the game and all of us were tired.  So we called it a day.

Looking forward to playing Pickleball in the morning!

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