Friday, November 6, 2015

On Our Way to One of Our Favorite Places - Venice, FL

Ken and I were up at 5:45, got ready, ate a light breakfast and were moving Waldo off the site at 6:45.  Chuck and Melissa were right behind us.  We hooked up the CRV''s in the parking area and by then Ernie and Noela were there to say our goodbyes.  We will see them again in January in Florida and we were so glad they joined us for these days at Carrabelle.

We left the CG by 7:10 to begin our 360 mile drive to Venice.  It was a gorgeous day for driving and the sunrise was beautiful!

As we drove through Carrabelle (so small you could miss it if you blinked too long), we saw the smallest Police State in America.  This isn't a good picture because Ken had to take it while driving and it was through the screened window of Waldo.  But, I thought it was worth posting  -

That's right!  It's a phone booth with the sign
"Police Station".

We stopped 2'x - 1 rest stop and then for gas.  We ate our lunches while driving.  Most of the driving was on Interstate 10 and 75, so a relatively easy, but long drive.  The guys do such a good job.  I got to talk to Lanie and to my mother. Mom had a wonderful birthday yesterday with so many people singing to her and others sending cards.  2 of her friends at Masonic Homes even bought her a birthday cake!  She felt special and that is wonderful!

I did a little work on the blog while we were driving, but I did stop when we got close to Venice and Royal Coachman CG so I could take pictures of our final destination for this fall adventure!  Can't believe we are down to our last 2 weeks.  Time sure goes fast when you are having fun!

Venice here we come.  Only 1 1/2 miles to the campground!

One of the nicest Encore Campgrounds and
in a great location!

We arrived at the CG at 2:20, checked in and were all set-up on our sites by 3:45.  It was 91 degrees.  I had nice conversation with Jamie.

Chuck and Melissa went to a bike shop in downtown Venice because Chuck's bike needs a new tire and maybe a new wheel since 2 of his spokes are broken. We plan to do lots of bike riding while we are here so they want to get it fixed as soon as possible.  I went to the CG library to get some books to read while we are here.

When they got back, the 4 of us went to Sonny's for their famous pulled pork sandwich.  I have been waiting since last March for another one of their delicious sandwiches.  I was not disappointed!

We were back by 7:30 and headed over to Chuck and Melissa's to play games.  The men won Pinochle easily, but the women were victorious in Skip-Bo!

We were back to Waldo at 10:15 and went right to bed.  It is so great to be in Venice!!!!

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