Sunday, November 22, 2015

Back Home Again!

Ken and I left mid South Carolina by 6:40AM on Saturday and thus the 2nd day of driving back home continued.  Traffic was not as heavy as Friday, and we didn't pass any accidents, so that was a big plus.  Also, it was a bright sunny day, but it kept getting colder and colder the further north we traveled.  Wow, that should have been a "no brainer".  I kept telling Ken we needed to be heading SOUTH, but he paid no attention.  

We stopped 2X for gas (again, only $1.79/gallon), at 2 rest stops, and enjoyed chili and a salad for lunch at Wendy's.  We arrived in Lititz around 4:45, stopping at Polly's house to drop off our bikes and the bike rack.  So good to see and talk to her.  

When we got to our apartment the work of unloading the CRV began. Fortunately we did not have nearly as much as when we are unloading Waldo. Our daughter, Jamie, had stopped by yesterday, turned up the heat, plugged in the refrigerator, and had a new 40" flat screen TV with a bow on the box waiting for us in our LR.  Our daughters and their families gave it to us as an early Christmas present.  They knew ours had stopped functioning several weeks before we left for our fall adventure and we were using a 13" one.  They wanted us to have it before Christmas so we would have more time to enjoy it before leaving for Florida again the beginning of January.  How thoughtful and what a surprise!!!!

Ken hooked up the new Smart TV ( we need a book, Smart TV's for Dummies!) while I unpacked everything and put all the items in their proper location.  By then we were both exhausted and it was 7:30.  We drove to La Piazza here in Lititz and shared a small chicken cheesesteak and a piece of pizza.  It was delicious.  Both of us were in bed by 9:30 and so ready for a long, good night's sleep.  We had driven 580 miles on not a lot of sleep and it had "caught up" with both of us!

Today, Sunday, was a special day.  We got ready to go to Church, arriving there at 8:45 and were welcomed by our small group.  So good to see all of them again.  Then when we went into the service and sat with Jamie, Dane, and Dane's parents, Sue and Dan.  So nice to see all of them too!  It was a very good service and afterwards, we went back to the youth area and got hugs and kisses by Bria and Cali.  It feels so great to see their excitement when we return back home.  We spent the next 1/2 hour visiting with Jamie and her family and it was a special time.  When they left, we reconnected with our small group and all of us went to a local restaurant for breakfast - lots of sharing and laughter. 

Ken and I were back to the apartment by 12:30 and Ken was feeling rather "drained".  He napped for about 1 1/2 hours which was good, for he had done so much driving the last 2 days (I did NONE!).  I went through some of the newspaper, talked to my mother, and then made some jewelry.

At 3:15, we left and drove 40 minutes to visit our daughter Lanie and her family.  They are leaving on Tuesday for Michigan to spend Thanksgiving with Bob's sister and her family, only coming back on Monday.  So we wanted to make sure we saw them before they left.  So good to see all of them too. Samantha and Katelyn were excited to show us their rooms (they had rearranged them) and to talk about what they have been doing.  We had wanted to buy pizza or go somewhere for dinner, but Bob grilled chicken and we had delicious salads.  We had a really nice visit!

We left there at 6:45 and decided to stop at Wal-Mart for groceries since our refrigerator was "bare".  Not what we wanted to do, but it was necessary!  We were back to our apartment by 8:15 and then I worked on this blog while we watched some TV (on our new 40" flat screen - WOW).  In bed by 9:30 after a busy, but good day!

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