Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Trip to Cape San Blas

Ken and I were up by 7 and he got ready to go for a walk with Ernie at 7:30.  It was a sunny, warm morning and it was supposed to go to the mid 80's.

I did some work on the blog and then started to prep for breakfast.  Also packed snacks, drinks, and necessary items for a trip to Cape San Blas, about a 1 1/4 hour drive from the CG.  After getting ready, I started cooking breakfast, so when Ken returned at 8:40 it was just about breakfast time.  We enjoyed eating outside.

Ken cleaned up while I took a walk around the CG.  After all, I need to get some steps too!  It was amazing how hot and humid it was at 9:00, but this gal is thrilled to be in the warm weather.

Ernie was kind enough to offer to drive his truck today so the 6 of us could ride together.  That makes the trip so much fun!  We left at 9:30 and took our bikes with us.  

What a view near the campground!

Love how you drive along the water!

Wow!  All those oyster shells!

On the bridge to enter the town of Apalachicola!

Cape San Blas is a very familiar area for Chuck and Melissa, because her parents had camped in their motorhome here many times and Chuck was included in those trips since Melissa and him had started dating when they were 14.  So, they have been coming here for over 40 years.  The amazing part is that there are about 4 or 5 RV sites with full hook-ups in that area that are single sites and right along the water. I'm not sure how people find out about them but they certainly are gorgeous sites.  One of them even has a small screened in bungalow on the site that has a swing, kitchenette, table and chairs, etc. and the beach is a short walk and can be seen from the site. 

Ken taking a picture of Chuck taking a selfie!  This is in
front of the RV site that Melissa's parents, and Chuck and Melissa
stayed on.  What a view!

The site is behind us between the houses!

This is the view from the site!  Not bad!!!!!

We parked at a public beach parking lot and got on our bikes to ride to the end of the island and then turned around and rode the other direction.  Many unique homes on Cape San Blas.

A really nice bike path that goes on for about 9 1/2 miles!
We went off the bike path for a short time to see a house
that Chuck, Melissa and their daughters rented when
the girls were in high school!

Not sure if this is a house or a community center!

The homes are really high off the ground!

I think this is a flying saucer that landed on the Cape, but
the aliens must have gone back without it, because it is For Sale!

We continue on our ride stopping at The Sand Bucket to have lunch .  What a fantastic place.  Ken and I had their pulled pork sandwich and you got 2 side with it.  We had their Brunswick Stew (delicious), Ken their baked beans, and I had macaroni salad.  They make all their own sides and barbeque sauces.  The amazing part was that all of that cost $7.99 per person!  They even gave us cups of ice water to put in our water bottles for the return bike trip.  By the time we returned to the truck we had ridden 17 miles.

It was 1:15 and we were tired, hot, and ready to eat!

A very nice eatery!

Ken and I thought this was a hoot!!

How true!!!!

We put our bikes back on the truck, got our chairs and beach bags, and walked out to the beach to relax, enjoy the sun, and look for shells.  Of course, Noela put on her suit and enjoyed another swim in the Gulf.  I had a good time looking for shells for my jewelry making.

Again, we had to fight the crowds on the beach!

What a gorgeous setting!

They just have to get in the water!  Noela actually changed
and went in the water!

We left the beach around 5, making a stop at Apalachicola for some ice cream.  We arrived back at the CG at 6:30, sticky from the humidity and tired.  We all decided to call it a night. 

Ken was fascinated by the cotton plant!

It was getting dark on the way back!

This is called a "fixer upper"!

 What a special day with special friends!

The sunset was beautiful.

Ken took this photo from Ernie's truck driving about
40 mph!  Not bad!!!

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