Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sad Day! Chuck and Melissa Left Today!

Ken and I were up at 7 and got ready to go to Church at Suncoast.  We had a light breakfast and then Ken "proofread" my blogs so they could be posted.  We could see Chuck outside getting ready for their departure this morning and it made us sad.  We opened our door and asked him what he thought he was doing.  He should stop right now and go back inside!  He was waiting for us to pull in our slides and for the "departure competition" to start.  Not today!  Ken and I will be here until Friday, but it will seem strange with them not beside us!

We got together at their RV and the hugs and good wishes for safe travels began, mixed with a few tears and some reminiscing.  We will look forward to seeing each other again at Pine Island in February.  We are all amazed at how much fun and how we continue to enjoy each other's company when we spend so much time together.  We are blessed!

We took a few pictures and then left while they were in the process of hooking up their CRV. 

They have moved out of their site and hooking up the CRV!

Melissa is expressing how I feel - a pout!!! 
Now it is Chuck's turn!

Ken and I really enjoyed the music and sermon at Suncoast Church today.  They were so meaningful!  

We were back to Waldo by noon and the site beside us was empty.  Looked very strange!  I went right to the laundry here at the CG with lots of clothes that needed washing.  Filled the washers and then back to Waldo to change do a little clean-up.  Then back to the laundry to put the clothes in the dryer.  During that process I left a message for Lanie and her family and talked to Noela.  She and Ernie are spending 9 days at Topsail on the Panhandle of Florida and having a great time.  We had a nice chat and will look forward to seeing them here in Florida in January.  Then I called my mother and she and my dad are doing so well.  She was also excited because Lanie and her family were coming to visit them around 1:30.  I really appreciate that they take the time to visit my parents and it is very meaningful for Mom and Dad.  I hung up quickly when they arrived!

I was back to Waldo at 1:45 with clean, folded clothes that Ken helped me put away.  Ken had made salads for us for tonight and tomorrow night and was working on the computer checking bills, etc.  After completing his computer work, he took a nap.  I recorded our expenses and then "cross checked them" with our credit card statements.  Then we both went outside and I made some jewelry while we watched some football.

Ken wanted to make supper while I continued making jewelry, so he grilled a salmon and turkey burger and grilled some onions and peppers he had sliced earlier.  What a great supper.

I did the dishes and he grilled some turkey sausage that we will enjoy for breakfast the next several days with the extra grilled peppers and onions.  Sounds like good omelets in our future!!!!!  

This was a day to accomplish some necessary "chores" and just stay at the CG. It was cloudy but warm with low humidity, so really not a beach day.  Tomorrow should be a good day for soaking up some rays and enjoying the sand and surf! No Pinochle, Skip-Bo, etc. tonight, for no one to play games with!  Where are you Chuck and Melissa!

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